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10 Top Inspirational Easter Songs in 2015

10 Top Inspirational Easter Songs in 2015

Summary: When mentioning Easter Day, many people will think of the Easter bunny and those baskets overflowing with chocolate or multi-colored jellybeans, but do you know the real reason to celebrate this day? And would you like to hear some inspirational Easter songs on this special day? Then just read for more.

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What is Easter day? It is a festival and holiday celebrating the resurrection of Lord, Jesus Christ from the dead. As described in the New Testament of Bible, Jesus is sent by God to redeem mankind. The resurrection occurred three days after His crucifixion, which brings us the living hope and a new way of life.

Now Easter Is A Time To Revive!

To deeply feel and celebrate this special days, many Easter songs arise. It’s Easter time- time to not just survive but revive the lost passion and relation, time to get renewed inspiration and refurbish life. Therefore, here we recommend you top 10 Inspirational Easter songs, performed by several groundbreaking Christian artists, who’ve managed to perfectly summarize the holiday’s essence in a matter of minutes. Hope you will feel blessed through these top 10 Easter songs in 2015.

  • 1. O The Blood
  • Artist: Gateway Worship Album: God Be Praised

    Themes: Praise and worship songs, Blood, God's Love, Sacrifice, Salvation, Easter Sunday

  • 2. Forever
  • Artist: Kari Jobe Album: Majestic

    Themes: Easter Sunday, Communion, Crucifixion, Jesus, Life of Jesus, Resurrection

  • 3. Lamb of God
  • Artist: Vertical Church Band Album: Church Songs

    Themes: Easter, Cross, Lamb of God, Praise and worship songs

  • 4. This Is Amazing Grace
  • Artist: Phil Wickham Album: The Ascension

    Themes: Grace, Kingship, Worthiness, Easter Sunday

  • 5. At the Cross (Love Ran Red)
  • Artist: Chris Tomlin Album: Love Ran Red

    Themes: Praise and worship songs, Cross, Salvation, Easter

  • 6. Man of Sorrows
  • Artist: Hillsong Worship Album: Glorious Ruins

    Themes: Easter

  • 7. This I Believe (The Creed)
  • Artist: Hillsong Worship Album: No Other Name

    Themes: Praise and worship songs, Believe, Faith, Declaration, Easter

  • 8. Risen
  • Artist: Covenant Worship Album: Kingdom

    Themes: Proclamation, Resurrection, Easter Sunday

  • 9. In Christ Alone
  • Artist: Kristian Stanfill / Passion Band Album: Let the Future Begin

    Themes: Praise and worship songs, Hope, Security, Easter, Lent

  • 10. Crown Him (Majesty)
  • Artist: Chris Tomlin Album: Burning Lights

    Themes: Adoration, Exaltation, Easter Sunday

    The above is the collection of Easter songs that are rock solid for Easter worship services, which is a great list.

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    So what is Easter? It’s a day signifies the triumph of the risen Christ. With that victorious spirit in mind, let’s ride over the tides and let nothing dampen our or our loved ones' spirits!

    At last, Happy Easter day!

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