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How to Add MP3 to iPhone with and without iTunes

Last updated: 2017/05/11 | Eva C Levy

“How to copy MP3 files from my PC to new iPhone 7? I have more than 200 MP3 on PC but some MP3 files I want to copy MP3 to iPhone 7 with 128G. I am having iTunes account and iTunes software on My PC, but unable to add MP3 to iPhone.” – Metal Gear

When you wanna to transfer one MP3 file to iPhone, you can either add MP3 to iPhone via AirDrop or send the file with Email. But if you have a large amount of music files, the situation should be quite difficult. Not only because it takes hours to transfer MP3 to iPhone with online, but also hard to get them into the right order.

What should you do to add MP3 to iPhone from computer? You can check the outstanding solutions provided in the section to get the music for you iPhone with iTunes and alternative programs.

add mp3 to iphone

Part 1: How to Transfer MP3 Files to iPhone with iTunes

  • Step 1: Connect iPhone 7 to computer with USB connector. Make sure the computer can detect iPhone. Usually iTunes launches automatically, if not, you can manually run iTunes on your computer.
  • Step 2: And then you can find the iPhone menu in the upper left of iTunes Windows to add MP3 files to iPhone.
  • Step 3: Click File > Add Folder to Library to transfer the whole MP3 folder directly to iPhone via iTunes. Choose Add File to Library to add one MP3 file to iPhone with iTunes.
  • Step 4: Choose Music from Settings tab. And then choose Sync Music option to transfer the entire music library or selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres. After that click the Apply button to transfer the files.

Just wait a few more minutes to check whether the MP3 files have been transferred to iPhone. And then you can enjoy the music on iPhone now.

add mp3 to iphone with itunes


Even if you sync MP3 to iPhone with iTunes, you might not access to the songs on iPhone. Here are some more tips you need to read if you have the problem.

  • If the songs won’t sync and show up on iPhone, but play in iTunes, you need to make sure iCloud Music Library under music setting is turned off.
  • But iTunes generally requires that syncing MP3 file within one library at a time to prevent mass file sharing. If you iPhone and iTunes are not synced to each other, iTunes will not let you add MP3 to iPhone music directly.

Part 2: The Methods to Add MP3 to iPhone without iTune

When transferring MP3 to iPhone with iTunes in the ordinary procedure, you can get the songs on iPhone within few minutes. But if there is any problem for the whole process, you have to spend hours to fix it out. Is there any iTunes alternative solution to copy MP3 music to iPhone? Just check about the professional methods to transfer MP3 files to iPhone without iTunes.

AnyMusic – Add Unlimited MP3 from YouTube for Free to iPhone

AnyMusic is the professional music searcher, downloader, transferor and organizer designed for iPhone users. Not only add the unlimited music from YouTube for free, but also search and download MP3 to iPhone directly. What is more, you can always organize your music files within the program.

  • Step 1: Connect iPhone to computer with USB connector. Launch the program to make sure the computer can detect the iPhone in the Transfer to iPhone Menu.
  • Step 2: Search and download free music with the name of the song, artist, album or video link to convert video to MP3 directly. Once you download the desired MP3 file, you can find them in the Library.
  • Step 3: And then you can select the files you want to add MP3 to iPhone without iTunes. After that you can export the desired music to iTunes with ease. The whole process only takes a few minutes to transfer MP3 to iPhone without syncing.

add mp3 to iphone with AnyMusic

Media Monkey – Transfer MP3 to iPhone from Different Channels

Media Monkey is another media organizer that handles MP3 as well as other video formats. You can add MP3 to iPhone, convert music into various formats, backup and organize them or customize collections. And you can also get the MP3 file from your computer, video sharing sites, or even CD/ DVD/ BD.

  • Step 1: Add/ Rescan folders of music files to the program. You can migrate music from computer, DVD and even iTunes Media. And then choose the Scan at startup to add the file to the program first.
  • Step 2: Connect the iPhone to the computer with USB connector. And then you can find the name of the device in the left menu of the program. Choose the device type to add MP3 to iPhone 7.
  • Step 3: Choose the Auto-Sync list tab to select the playlist you wanna to transfer. Once you choose the desired files, you can click the Apply button to transfer MP3 to iPhone. And you can also check the process by clicking the Auto Sync menu on the top of the program.

transfer mp3 to iphone with media monkey


As for copying one or several MP3 to iPhone, you do not have to spend time to find the desired music transferor. Just enable the AirDrop function for Mac or use Email with Windows. When you have dozens of songs or more, you can add MP3 to iPhone via iTunes instead.

Just check a solution to add more desired files? Both AnyMusic and Media Monkey are the professional tools to transfer music files to iPhone. Just choose the AnyMusic option is a subscription fee with $4.99 or purchase the Media Monkey with $49.95. More solutions to add MP3 to your iPhone, you can just share your points in the comments with us now.

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