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Alan Walker Songs | Top 10 Songs Download Free

Last updated: 2017-10-07 | Eva C Levy
Alan Walker Songs

Famous Norwegian record producer and DJ;

Best known for the international hit “Faded”;

Who is he?

Yes, certainly, Alan Walker.

Recently, a remake of “The Spectre” featuring vocals is out.

It’s a revamped version of an instrumental released in 2015, which is dedicated to the fans.

You’ll find more stories behind this song in this article.

Now, let’s get into his musical world and enjoy Alan Walker songs.

1. Faded

“Where are you now?
Atlantis, under the sea
Under the sea
Where are you now?
Another dream”

“Faded” was released on 3 December, 2015, becoming a massive hit. It peaks at the top 5 in many countries, even ranking No.1 in more than ten countries. It also received many platinum certifications. And its music video on YouTube has almost reached 1.3 billion views to date, No.1 for Alan Walker songs list.

Why it can achieve such success? If you listen to it, you will get the answer. It is slow at the beginning, but it touches me most in the climax part with a sad melody. And there are also other two versions of “Faded”. They are “Faded (Restrung)” without the electronic part, and “Fade”, the non-vocal and also the original version. You can choose which you like most. Now, follow me to get Alan Walker song “Faded.

2. Alone

“If this night is not forever
At least we are together
I know I’m not alone”

“Alone” was released commercially for digital download on 2 December 2016, and at the same day, its music video was published on Walker’s YouTube channel.

Alan Walker once said that for him, “Alone” is about cohesion and it’s a song that praises the feeling and comfort of solidarity. And its music video has reached more than 430 million views.

As the lyric shows, “I know I am not alone”, even though the song is “Alone”. It will give you much courage. Now, put on your earphone, and let’s enjoy this awesome song.

3. Spectre

“Spectre” was released on 18 December 2015, and it’s the second release on NoCopyrightSounds (also known as NCS) of Alan Walker. It is absolute music, which is with no lyric and non-vocal. Even so, it is still amazing. When I listen to this music, I can’t help shaking my body to follow its rhythm.

Search “Alan Walker songs YouTube”, and then you can also make a comment.

4. Sing Me to Sleep

“Sing me to sleep now
Sing me to sleep
Won’t you sing me to sleep now?”

“Sing Me to Sleep”, released commercially for digital consumption on 3 June 2016, is one of Alan Walker songs with lyrics. Its music video, shot in Hong Kong, was published on Walker’s YouTube channel on 2 June 2016. And upon its release, many music critics speak highly of this song.

To some extent, the style of “Sing Me to Sleep” is similar to “Faded”, another song of Alan Walker, as we have just mentioned. Although it is named “Sing Me to Sleep”, when you listen to it, I think, you will just forget all your sleepiness, just like me.

5. Tired

“I see those tears in your eyes
I feel so helpless inside
Oh love, there’s no need to hide
Just let me love you when your heart is tired”

“Tired”, written by Mike Needle, Alan Walker and so on, featuring Gavin James, was released on 19 May, 2017. It is the first time for Alan Walker to release a song with a male vocalist. But, it is absolutely amazing, indeed. And its music video on YouTube has been viewed more than 62 million times, even though it is just 4 months since its releasing.

I have to say that it is a song that can get into the deep in your heart, whether the music or the lyric. I think I will never get “Tired” of this song. And you will think so as me after listening.

6. Sky

On June 9, 2017, Alan Walker’s collaboration with Alex Skrindo, “Sky”, was released, and “Sky” is featured in Insomniac Records’ EDC Las Vegas 2017 compilation. Its music video was also published on YouTube at the day of its releasing, and it has so far over 22 million views.

“Sky” blends both styles of Alan Walker and Alex Skrindo, bringing us such a cool and amazing song. You will love it!

7. Force

“Force” is also absolute music, released on 3 April, 2015, and is Alan Walker’s third release on NoCopyrightSounds (NCS). The two previous releases are “Fade” and “Spectre”. Its music video on YouTube has been over 37 million views.

Although its influence is far less than “Fade” and “Spectre”, it still has strong power to win its fans as its name “Force” shows. As for me, I am eagerly looking forward to its vocal version.

8. Hope

“Hope” was released in 2013, four years ago. You should not miss it. It was once descried as “the second Fade”. Its music video was published on Alan Walker’s YouTube channel. As Alan Walker noted on YouTube, he tried Chill-step, a new thing in this song. That is, it combines Chill-Out with Dub-step. Amazing!

When I listened to this for the first time, the first part sounded like something mysterious, and then its rhythm just made me Wow! Come on to enjoy this! It will bring you “Hope”.

9. Memories

“Memories” was released on 30 October 2012, still non-vocal version, and its music video was also published on YouTube by Alan Walker at the same day. The music video has got almost 11 million views.

When you listen to this song, you can feel something new, sometimes to speed up, but then speed down. It’s just like that your memories are recalled back, good or terrible. Then the music will wake you up from your memories with a screaming saying “what are you doing”. Listen to it, and there will be surprise for you.

10. New Heart

Actually, “New Heart” can be said as an old song. It was released in 2012. But, time has proved that it is still absolutely awesome. Its music video on YouTube has got 6.5 million views.

“New Heart” gives me much strength indeed. As the song name shows, “New Heart”, it makes me feel that I am full of vitality again when I am disappointed. Check the video! It will touch your heart. Come on, Young!


Big fans or new fans of Alan Walker, it doesn’t really matter.

What matters is whether the song can touch you!

Please share your feeling or your story with us after you listen to the song list.

Btw, have you get Alan Walker top 10 songs free download?

And also any suggestions or ideas are welcome.

Thank you for your reading!

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