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Top 10 Best Wedding Songs for Engagement Party

Last updated: 2016/12/19 | Eva C Levy

Recently engaged? Congratulations! It’s time to celebrate the incredible news with your family and friends. Engagement party is as important as wedding, which suggests the couple choose to spend rest of their lives together. And a good engagement songs playlist will set the tone for the whole party. So we selected Top 10 engagement songs for you as follows!

1) All of Me

"All of Me" is a song by American singer John Legend, which is his biggest hit to date. This song is dedicated to his wife Chrissy Teigen, so you can feel tender love from this piano power ballad. The tune and the lyrics are both very romantic, which make this song well fit to engagement party.

2) Always & Forever

"The original version of this song is recorded by the band Heatwave and has been covered by many artists. This old song is suit for slow dance at an engagement party, which is one of the most popular tracks of choice.

3) Better Man

Better Man, sung by James Morrison, is a very emotional song which makes the engaged couples recall lots of struggling moments have gone through together. Please notice not to choose Pearl Jam’s version which listed as the song you shouldn’t play at wedding. It’s a great song too, but it doesn’t belong on your engagement playlist or wedding playlist.

4) First Time

"First Time" is a song by American band Lifehouse. The accompany music video featured clips of the moments when couples falling in love for the first time. “I'm feeling alive all over again, as deep as a scar that's under my skin, like being in love, she said, for the first time, maybe I'm wrong, I'm feeling right, whenever I'm alone with you tonight, like being in love to feel for the first time.” I really moved by these sweet lyrics.

5) Pour Some Sugar on Me

"Pour Some Sugar on Me" is a song by the English rock band Def Leppard from their 1987 album Hysteria. I recommend it because it’s really a traditional and old song. And the shocked rhythm can easily active the atmosphere of a party.

6) How You Remind Me

This rock and beating music is created by Nickelback. As you know, this band is a personalized band and their songs are also individual. If you prefer to hold a personalized engagement party that belongs to young people, this rock song is just to your taste. These rock engagement party songs are good for people to hold novel and individual engagement parties. If your friends have that kind of taste for music, then this is a good choice.

7) Better When I'm Dancin'

If you’re a fan of The Peanuts Movie, then you must have heard this song before. "Better When I'm Dancin’" is a song by Meghan Trainor, which first released as a soundtrack to the film. Though it’s a promotional single, it’s the kind you’re most likely to meet at the event like engagement party, wedding reception, family gathering etc. You just can’t help but dance to the music and you can expect a packed dance floor with the tune.

8) Lips Are Movin

It’s another song by Meghan Trainor. As her usual musical style, you can expect a packed dance floor with the brisk rhythm and melody. It’s really a good helper to can create a lively and relaxed atmosphere for engagement party.

9) Blank Space

"Blank Space" is a song by Taylor Swift. It’s a popular song which ranked NO.1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Taylor wrote this song as a way to push back the jokes made about her long list of ex-lovers and how she likes to involve them into her songwriting. Once upon a time, Taylor surprised her fans by performing this song at their weddings. While the lyrics “It’s gonna go down in flames” might be somewhat weird for a wedding, the brisk rhythm of the music will get you on the dance floor.

10) Dance with Me

It can be regarded as the first dance song at the engagement party. Light rhythm and touching lyrics set a kind of especially romantic mood. Everyone can feel happy and cheerful from this engagement song. In the meantime, this song also serves as first dance wedding song now and then.

Actually, there is no clear separation between engagement song and wedding songs since they play the same role. Therefore, many songs are just about interchangeable in occasion of an engagement party or a wedding. So if you need more songs for reference, you may benefit from this wedding playlist Top 20 Popular Wedding Songs in 2017.

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