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How to Convert YouTube to MP3 for iPhone

Last updated: 2017/05/04 | Eva C Levy

YouTube is such a great platform to enjoy free music videos. What if you can save the music for offline listening? Well, you gonna love it. Let me show you to convert YouTube to MP3 for iPhone.

AnyMusic - YouTube to MP3 for iPhone without iTunes

AnyMusic is the ultimate YouTube to MP3 converter for iPhone and iPad, with which you can discover, download, transfer and play free music. With the built-in browser, AnyMusic enables users to search artists, albums, titles and other related key words. Or you can copy and paste YouTube video URL in the search box too. In addition, AnyMusic supports multiple video sources. So you can not only convert YouTube videos, but also videos from SoundCloud, Facebook and etc. Besides, AnyMusic is more than a YouTube to MP3 converter, also it can help you to transfer music to iPhone without iTunes.

AnyMusic Features

Being the all-in one online YouTube to MP3 convert software, AnyMusic offers smart video to MP3 conversion within it. You can play first without download on PC, or you can download and then pick some to transfer to iOS. In some degree, AnyMusic is the iOS music organizer, to upgrade your iTunes songs in free way permanently.

  • Search unlimited online music videos from YouTube, and convert them by one click.
  • Direct search or URL paste to get target YouTube to MP3 sources for iOS.
  • Powerful transfer converted YouTube to MP3 for iPhone.
  • Upgrades music experience with built-in music player.

Convert YouTube to MP3 for iPhone with AnyMusic

How to Save YouTube to MP3 on iPhone

  • Step 1: Search for the video that you want to download.
  • Enter the songs, artists, or simply paste the URL into the search bar. Then you'll see a list of results on the same page, you can listen to the music online and select the one you actually want.

  • Step 2: Save YouTube video to MP3 on PC.
  • Tap Download option and then choose different file quality to save as. You can select output audio formats and file sizes on AnyMusic.

  • Step 3: Transfer converted MP3 audios from YouTube on iPhone.
  • Go to Transfer to Phone menu, tick YouTube to MP3 conversion to iOS in the playlist. And then tap transfer icon to sync MP3 files on your computer without iTunes.

After saving YouTube video to MP3 for iOS, and then you can use AnyMusic as music player as well. The different music play modes enable users to enjoy music within particular audio players.

QuickTime Player – YouTube to MP3 for iPhone app with No Jailbreak

QuickTime is Apple's multimedia technology to play, record, edit, and share audio and video files on Mac. You can record streaming videos from YouTube in HD quality. With system audio and microphone sound capture inputs, QuickTime Player can grab any MP3 from YouTube video for iPhone. The main MP3 from YouTube video conversion is that you record YouTube audio only on laptop, or to link iOS and PC together, to capture YouTube audios. It is the totally free YouTube streaming audio recorder application on Mac and Windows.

Convert YouTube to MP3 for iPhone with Quicktime Player

How to Record Audio from YouTube

  • Step 1: Choose New Audio Recording under File list.
  • Do not forget to link your iPhone and computer together. At this time, I will show you method to grab YouTube from MP3 for iPhone. If you view YouTube video songs on PC, you can choose New Screen Recording to save the whole YouTube videos.

  • Step 2: Set audio Inputs and recording settings, after that, tap Record icon to start YouTube video recording.
  • You can choose system audio and built-in/ external microphone inputs to save multiple YouTube soundtracks. In addition, you are able to select high or maximum audio output qualities. And you can adjust the volume slider besides to monitor audio records.

  • Step 3: Tap stop record option and save audio captured files.
  • If you do not want to record the whole YouTube audios, you can pause and resume freely. Or to use simple editing filters to trim and merge audios.

To share recorded audios from QuickTime Player, you can post to YouTube again, and other popular social websites too. In another way, QuickTime is similar with convert YouTube to MP3 for iPhone app with no jailbreak.

Freemake Video Downloader – Export YouTube to MP3 on iTunes

Compared with the above two desktop conversion and transferring process, Freemake aims to convert and transfer YouTube videos to MP3 for your iPhone with iTunes. Therefore, you do not have to make PC as transport station and then transfer them in wireless way. Freemake can help you convert YouTube to MP3 on iPhone directly. As a result, you cannot get as many as built-in music player and screen capture services. Just paste URL in the Freemake and then to receive MP3 conversion from YouTube videos through iTunes.

Convert YouTube to MP3 for iPhone with Freemake

How to Convert YouTube to MP3 for iPhone

  • Step 1: Open YouTube video online and copy its URL.
  • Install Freemake Video Downloader freeware and then copy YouTube links, to paste in Freemake Video Downloader. You can choose output audio formats by the way.

  • Step 2: Save YouTube to MP3 for iPhone.
  • Select Convert to iPhone/ iPod option and the choose Convert to MP3. And then, you can tap Export to iTunes to download streaming video songs on iOS devices.

Freemake Video Downloader enables users to save an MP3 file on iPad in the same method too.


Among these options, I believe you can definitely find the one you're looking for.

When you wanna convert YouTube to MP3 for iPhone, you can download the files to your computer first with QuickTime Player or other applications, and then transfer the MP3 files to your iPhone or Android devices. It should be a complicated process.

If you use YouTube to MP3 App, it should be difficult to manage the files. And you can also use the All-in-one AnyMusic to transfer the download MP3 to iPhone directly. Just download the versatile application to enjoy the music with ease.

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