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How to Download Free Music on iPhone?

download free music on iphone

Summary:All iPhone owners are probably looking for apps where we can get free music download for iPhone. But iTunes, the Apple’s major music store seems not support the free mp3 downloader apps. Then in order to avoid an astronomical sum for our total music downloads in iTunes, what way we can figure out? Here just offers you a smart mp3 music download way for totally free.

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I am a music lover, I listen to Dubstep, Electro, and Metal and I like my Music to be updated regularly. So I am always searching for places where I can get as many songs as I like in quick way. As an iPhone owner myself, I just don’t want to spend a lot of money on iTunes. I tried to find some mp3 downloader apps on iTunes app store, but I found little, needless to say, the apps support to download free music. Then if there is any way that we can have unlimited free mp3 downloads for iPhone?

In order to help people who has the same circumstance with me, and not having to worry about our next credit card bill when downloading music. I searched high and low, and here are some findings about how we can download music for iPhone.

On the internet, all methods are categorized into 3 main ways to download music for your iPhone. There are mainstream music stores like iTunes, Wal Mart and etc. that go on a pay per download payment system. Then there are some paid membership clubs that offer music at a flat membership rate. Finally, there are free sites that offer them without charging a single cent.

Music stores, for example, iTunes, although it offers great music of the highest quality and clarity. Their selection of music genres is fantastic and you can find any known song that is written and produced there. But the fact that it costs your money for nearly per download. It will hurt our pockets if we want to build a huge private collection.

The paid membership services are the latest entrants in the music industry. They too offer huge selections in the tune of millions of the latest and oldest songs, soundtracks, music videos, movies and all. But you also need to pay a one-time membership fee and then you can allow to enjoy the download.

From above, we can know that, in order to save budget, sites to offer free music download is the best way we can go. But it always happens that when downloading songs from some websites, we would easily get infected by a virus which mucked up our PCs. Then is there any site from where we can download high-quality free music safely and quickly?

Absolutely yes! In order to solve iPhone users’ problem, AmoyShare just came out a new free mp3 finder service. Here you can download free music unlimitedly without the fear that the songs you download are incomplete and come with harmful viruses or malware. There is no monthly or yearly subscription basis, and no membership fee required here!

To enjoy it, you can just visit the service here,

Of course, there are still other websites that supports free mp3 downloads, click Best 10 Free MP3 Download Sites to Recommend to know more.

Enjoy yourself now, download free music on your iPhone legally, safely and unlimitedly!

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