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How to Download SoundCloud Music without Software?

Last updated: 2018-01-04 | Eva C Levy
Download SoundCloud music

Do you think it's a difficult task to search for free music?

Just try the excellent music streaming media site, SoundCloud.

SoundCloud is big music database which covers almost all types of songs.

And you can enjoy free music online with it.

However, you have to pay a monthly package fee to download SoundCloud music.

Don’t think it’s a big deal, that’s why you will read this article!

Here are ways to download SoundCloud music for free.

Now let's work on downloading music together!

Before getting started...

First of all, you need to know more details about SoundCloud.

To get this done you can Search SoundCloud on Google to get the information. Another way is to go the official site of SoundCloud.

details about soundcloud

In a word, SoundClound is a music and podcast streaming online service. You can search and play the music from around the world. You even can upload your original music and share it with other music lovers on SoundCloud.

OK. Next, let’s see how to download music from SoundCloud.

Part1 Download the SoundCloud Music by URL

When you are streaming music on SoundCloud, you will find that you are fond of some amazing music by different artists, so how do you get them download for offline listening? Keep reading…

Step 1. Browse Music Chart on SoundCloud.
Open the official site of SoundCloud, search your target song on the site or you can also find the most played songs in the charts. You also can search the music you want on SoundCloud.

search song

Step 2. Select Any Song You Like.
When you find a song you love and you are about to download it, you may have noticed that there is no download button on the site.

listen to the song

Well, that’s the problem. Is there any free MP3 download site that enables to download songs from SoundCloud?

Of course, AmoyShare Free MP3 Finder!

Free MP3 Finder

Both keyword search and URL search can be used to download SoundCloud music for free on Free MP3 Finder. It’s more efficient and convenient than other MP3 download sites.

With this way, you don’t have to worry how to download SoundCloud music. OK. No more further ado, go on…

Step 3: Copy the URL from SoundCloud

When you listen to the song on SoundCloud as we have introduced before, you can copy the URL of your target song from SoundCloud.

Copy URL

Step 4: Paste the URL into Free MP3 Finder

Here, you need to paste the URL from SoundCloud into Free MP3 Finder.

After you paste the song’s URL into the Free MP3 Finder, click on the search button, and you will see the result.

Search on Free MP3 Finder

As we have said before, don’t download the song in a rush. The small icon beside the song name is the link of the song on SoundCloud.

Just click on the icon and you can directly go to the SoundCloud page of the song. It helps you to make sure you find the right song.

It's really convenient to switch two sites by the small icon. Amazing!

Step 5: Play The Audio Then Choose The Format to Download.
Before you download the music you want, you can preview and stream the song on Free MP3 Finder, just click the “Play” button, easy!

Preview music on Free MP3 Finder

When you are sure that song is what you want, you can click the download button then choose the format and quality to download the audio file.

Download free mp3 on Free MP3 Finder

Next, you only need to wait a second then you can enjoy the SoundCloud music offline. It is a pretty amazing and easy way to download SoundCloud MP3 music online, right?
You need to give it a shot! NOW!


On Free MP3 Finder, you can download SoundCloud music for free, you also can search and download other free music by entering keywords like artists or songs name to find the music you want from 1000+ supported sites.

Part 2 All-in-one Music Tool - AnyMusic

In the end, I would like to show you another creative product of AmoyShare, AnyMusic. With AnyMusic, you can enjoy music freely.


AnyMusic covers all the powerful features you love; you can discover free songs, listening music or watching videos with it.

What’s more, AnyMusic allows you to download music and videos from more than 1000+ sites. AnyMusic is also a Facebook/YouTube video to MP3 converter.

I strongly suggest that you download AnyMusic on your computer. AnyMusic is available for Mac and Windows; just choose the version that matches to your PC.

There is no ad or plug-ins when you use AnyMusic, so it’s very safe to download and convert audio or video on this music tool.

So many wonderful and smashing features on one music downloader &converter, how can you miss it? I believe that it will make your love music more. So don’t forget give yourself a chance and enjoy this simple and good music downloader.


Time flies!

I believe you have got the easiest way to download free SoundCloud music.

Pretty cool, right?

I just downloaded 10 songs of my favorite indie artist. You should try!

If you need any help on downloading free SoundCloud songs,

Please let me know in the comments.

And any suggestions and questions are welcomed here.

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