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Video Tutorial - Free MP3 Finder Guide for Free Music Download (2018)

Last updated: 2017-12-12 | Eva C Levy
Free MP3 Finder guide

Are you still upset that nowhere to download free MP3 music?

I know that paid download or copyright ties you to get your fancy music.

But you don’t need to worry anymore.

A promising free MP3 online service rises suddenly.

Free MP3 Finder – the best music search engine I’ve used so far.

Why I recommend it to you without reservation?

Can it download MP3 songs free? No ads? No plugins? No need to sign up?

Well, all you ask for can be satisfied with the free music download site.

Sounds interesting?

I can’t wait to have a try when this amazing service came out!

So today I will share some tips to you.

Before Getting Started...

You should know that there’re two ways to download free songs – keywords or URL.

Let’s begin with a video for warming-up:

Did you get the point from the video?

For more detailed tips on free music download, just keep reading.

Following is the step-by-step Free MP3 tutorial, come one, take down all the music you love!

First, please make sure that you enter the official Free MP3 Finder website, so follow my steps below.

1. Open Google browse, type “AmoyShare” to search the official page which is shown up on the first result.

Search AmoyShare on Google

2. Find “Free MP3 Finder” on AmoyShare homepage.


Here you go! Remember how the site looks like.

Free MP3 Finder

Ok, we are all set!

Keep going...

Part 1: Music Search and Download on Free MP3 Finder

For many MP3 online services in the market, most of them only allow you to search music by URL.

So what makes Free MP3 Finder outstanding?


The keyword search is one of the biggest features and advantages of Free MP3 Finder.

So let me do the show-how for you!

Step 1: Search Music by Keywords.

Keywords include song names, artists, even lyrics. Just type any keywords related to your target song.

Then click the search button, and you will get a matched result list.

Free MP3 Finder Music Search

Quick Tip:

Free MP3 Finder has 4 major music resources, they are YouTube, Archive, Jamendo, and 4Shared.

Choose the resource you want to search from 4 major resources.

Free MP3 Finder Resources

YouTube: The biggest video and music sharing site.

Archive: Non-profit digital library offering free universal access to books, movies, and music.

Jamendo: The world’s largest digital service for free music.

4Shared: Online file sharing, transferring and fast downloading - 15G web space.

Step 2: Preview the Music.

Once you find the music you want to download, don’t rush to get it download.

You can play the song before you take it down, so you can make sure you really find the right song.

Play the Music

You may notice that there’s a link icon beside every song, what is this for?

Well, it’s the link of the YouTube video.

Simply click your mouse once, and you can directly go to the YouTube page of this song.

That’s really thoughtful.

Step 3: Download Music at One Click.

When you find the music on Free MP3 Finder and have played the music.

Next, you can download the MP3 music. Free MP3 Finder has many audio formats to choose, such as: MP3, M4A, WEMB which are not available on other sites.

A big surprise is you can download music video on Free MP3 Finder, not every MP3 sites provide this service.

Audio Formats

All you need to do is choose an audio format and download it!

Part 2: Copy URL and Download Free Music on Free MP3 Finder

Like many MP3 online service site, Free MP3 Finder also enables you to search music by URL as well.

You have two ways to copy the song’s URL.

Firstly, find the song on YouTube.

Copy URL


  • Way 1: Copy the link on website bar.


  • Way 2: Right click on the video page and copy video URL.

Ok, the task of copying URL is done.

Go on. Paste the link into the Free MP3 Finder.

Upcoming function: Download playlist!!!

When you copy the playlist URL from YouTube, you can download all songs (50+, 100+, 200+, and more) on Free MP3 Finder.

Search Music by URL


If you like to copy a link from other sites, you can directly do it on Free MP3 finder because it has 1000+ sites supported. You can browse these sites to find your fancy music and copy its URL then download on Free MP3 Finder.

Discover 1000+ sites

Just click on “discover all 1000+ sites”, then you can see a long list as follows. I believe you can discover a new world from the list.

1000+ Sites Supported

Ok, go on.

When you find the song by URL, then you can repeat the steps mentioned above: Play music before downloading, choose a file format and that’s all.

Anything missed?

Playlist downloading is available now!!!

When you copy the playlist URL from YouTube and paste it on Free MP3 Finder, then all the items of the playlist will show on the result page, you can download the MP3 songs according to your needs.

If you want to download the whole playlist with one-click, then I suggest you to try AnyMusic. This MP3 music downloader can help you batch download all songs from a YouTube playlist in on time.

1AnyMusic playlist download

With AnyMusic, you can convert the entire playlist to videos or audios. Moreover, you can choose the audio/video quality according to your devices and needs.

Can’t wait to get this amazing function?

Come to download AnyMusic now!


Till now, all free mp3 music download guide is finished!

Did you get it all?

Get a music download successfully?

I am confident that you will come to it first when you need to download MP3 songs.

Anyway, you have the final say.

If you have any question and suggestion about the usage of Free MP3 Finder, or is there any function you want it added in Free MP3 Finder?

Please feel free to leave a comment below.

Looking forward to receiving a message from you!

Good day!

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