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MP3Juice - Right Official Website (2017 Guide) to Download Free MP3 Music

Last updated: 2017-10-13 | Eva C Levy
MP3 Juice

Mp3Juice was known as one of the best free MP3 download sites.

However, it has been closed.

Take it easy, the site doesn’t disappear.

It’s reborn as a brand new

But you may still have many questions.

Is the old MP3 Juice closed forever?

Does the new MP3Juices work as well as the old one?

How to download MP3 music free from the new MP3Juices without ads?

Don’t worry, I’ll answer to your questions one by one.

Just follow me.

Breaking News

According to the latest news by Digital Music News on October 30, 2017, MP3Juices will face the worldwide shutdown for copyright infringement. So far, MP3Juices shut down their service in UK.

So, What Does Mp3juices Like Now?

If you’re in the UK and try to visit the now, you will see following page.

Yes! It’s not working indeed.

MP3Jjuices shutdown in the UK

But if you access the site out of the region of UK, the page will be like this:

MP3Juices shutdown page

Right, it seems that everything is normal, you can land the page even there is a notice said “This page ( is currently offline. However, because the site uses Cloudflare's Always Online™ technology you can continue to surf a snapshot of the site. We will keep checking in the background and, as soon as the site comes back, you will automatically be served the live version.

But when I try to search the music on the site, it takes so long to process. In the end, there’s still no result.

Even worse, you may not be able to enter the site anymore. The only thing you can see is a notice of “Error 522.”

MP3Juices error 522

I believe this news must remind you of another shutdown incident of MP3Juices.

This time, will it reborn again?

Or will it shut down like the popular stream ripper

We will keep tracking the latest news about and please stay tune on our update.

So now how can we get free music?

It is said if you want to get the online service on MP3Juices, you need the help of VPN which will allow you to unblock the site. So I’ve tried VPN in different regions, such as Germany, Singapore, Japan, America an so no. But none of them actually work!

Now, I’m so tired of the VPN tricks. So I just resort to my second favorite free music download site Free MP3 Finder. It’s the best alternative to MP3 Juices that I’ve found so far.

I have a specific introduction of Free MP3 Finder in the article. Just roll down to Part 4 to learn more about the awesome site.

Part 1. The Story behind Mp3 Juice Shutdown

In September 2014, Mp3 Juice lost its domain name -

“This site is being investigated for online copyright infringement.” This was an explanation for the suspension from UK piracy police PIPCU (Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit).

Now we can still find Mp3 Juices on the search page, but you can’t get anything from the site anymore.

Don’t sigh.

Mp3 Juice gets brought back from the dead, and reborn with a new domain -

old mp3juices and new mp3juices

I guess many of you want to ask:

Is the same as

According to Softpedia, the old members of the team that used to run the site are no longer involved in and it looks like quite a few things has changed.

But who cares?

For us, Mp3juice is still the best website to get MP3 songs free download.

Besides, the new Mp3Juices has been upgraded.

Let’s have a look!

Part 2. Everything You Need to Know about New Mp3Juices

1. Excellent Features of MP3Juices that will amaze you.

Mp3Juice is well known for its powerful music search engine. You can easily search for any music you want with keywords or via URL.

Furthermore, it supports multiple video streaming sites such as YouTube, Soundcloud, vk, PromoDJ, Yandex, 4shared and Archive. Besides, Mp3Juices spare no efforts to update their video resources – add new video sharing sites and remove resources with dropped quality.

What’s more, MP3Juice has offered a conversion service - YouTube video to MP3. With the online service, you can get free music download simply by pasting the link of YouTube video to the search box.

Beyond that, it also provides the MP3 cutter to users. What is Mp3Juices MP3 cutter? It helps you easily cut off the extra or the quiet part of a song. After all, different sources of free music are not always so perfect.

You know what’s the best part?

It’s totally FREE!

2. Which is the right site of Mp3Juices?

When you search “mp3juice” in Google, you can get a pile of results.

But...many of them are fake free MP3 music download sites.

fake sites of mp3juice

Here’re some example:

  •, this site provides similar services as Mp3Juices does, but it has a technique trick. That is to say, it will pop up an advertisement every time you click on this page.
  •, this site almost has no basic maintenance, the FAQs is null.
  •, you can’t open this site at all.
  •, this site will directly skip to, but lead to no results.

P.S. If we make any mistake here, please leave a comment in the end of the page. Thanks.

Since the MP3Juice is a very popular MP3 search engine to public, a lot of similar free songs download sites counterfeit it.

Therefore, I want to show you the real MP3 juices – (referred to as MP3Juices in this article).

Keep moving…

3. Is MP3 Juice safe and legal to download music free online?

Really a good question!

MP3 juice is updated just like Google music, which just provide services for people to search and download royalty-free music for free.

Whether it’s YouTube, Soundcloud or any other website, you can find many royalty free songs that has been made available for free by its maker. They allow people to enjoy the music for free. Some of them even allow using the music for commercial purpose. If you are downloading such music files, Mp3Juice and you are both safe.

As Mp3juice claims, if you find any copyrighted material is being infringed on the site, you can send a notification to them.

mp3juice copyright claims

And is MP3Juices safe from viruses?

Since MP3Juice makes profit through advertising, so pop-up ads are inevitable. New users will easily fall into the trap of the trick buttons.

As we know, the pop-up ads may carry virus which can harm our computers. Viruses always make money for the creators and the ones who distribute them.

Well, no one really receives something for nothing…

Anyway, if you follow my guide, you can get music download without ads and avoid many problems.

Now, let me show some tips to you.

Part 3. How to download music from Mp3Juice without ads?

There’re two ways to download free MP3 songs from MP3Juices.

Now, take a look at the video below and you can quickly learn how to make it.

So easy, right?

As mentioned above, there’re quite a few hidden ads on MP3 Juices. In case you get tricked, I’d like to go through the download process step by step.

Let’s begin.

1) Search MP3 Music & Download Free

Enter into, you will see a music search box, click the “manage resources”.

The default search resources are YouTube and Soundcloud, which almost can satisfy all your needs. Of course that you can choose other music sources according to your preferences.

Now I just take Fake Love by Drake as an example.

Step 1: Type a song name or artist song into the search bar.

In this case, I enter “fake love” in the search box as follows. Then I get the all search results for fake love, and 16 matching results were found.

mp3juice free music download


Although is free, it gets profits through advertisement. The black Download and Play buttons are hidden pop ups. You can see a small caption of “Advertisement” under the “Play now” button. Do not click on it!

Step 2: Play each song before you download it.
Since there’re so many same result, you may get lost which one is the exact one you want. So just play the music, make a comparison, and then decide which one is the best.

preview free mp3 video


If this is the song you want, don’t rush to hit the blue download button under the music video. Why? Cause they’re advertisements, too. Just ignore them.

Step 3: Download the MP3 songs.
Above the music video, you can see a download button in WHITE. This button is safe to click. Then you’ll see a drop-down box like below, the black button is safe to click this time. Trust me, once you click on it, the music downloading will start automatically.

download free music

Again, don’t touch the blue button, they still contain advertisements.

2) Download YouTube Video to MP3

From above instruction of searching music, we can directly search and download free music from MP3juice.

Some of you might ask whether we can download dubbing or background music of a music video.

Absolutely yes!

MP3 juices provides people with such kind of service, you just need to paste the link of the music video to the search box and click to search.

For example, if we want to download the song of the most popular music video - The Weekend, we only need to paste the YouTube video link to the search box.

Download MP3 from YouTube Video

And the rest of the steps are completely the same as the first method. Please pay attention two big Download and Play button contain ads. The two blue buttons are ads as well.

Quick Tip:

There’s always a small word of “Advertisement” under the trick button, please bear in mind and never ever click on that. Then you won’t be bothered by advertisements anymore.

Trick buttons in MP3juice

3) How to edit your music with Mp3Juice MP3 Cutter?

Except for free MP3 download, Mp3Juices also provides MP3 Cutter, which has two purposes.

  • a. Remove soundless part from mp3
  • b. Change length of the mp3

Download MP3 from YouTube Video

So how to make it?

Just click on “Select mp3,” and choose a MP3 file from your computer. After that, you can edit the mp3 as needed.

It’s done!

Please notice that the maximum length of an MP3 file is 2 hours.

4) How to save free MP3 music to cloud?

Last year, Mp3 Juice has upgraded a new function of cloud storage.

Users can download their music to cloud, like Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive, which means these songs can be saved in cloud while downloading.

choose to save music files in cloud storage

You are able to select a cloud provider where you can save your Mp3 Juice music downloads, so you don't need to download it to your device.

After you select a cloud provider a “save to cloud” button will appear on each download.

save to Cloud

Part 4. MP3Juice Alternative – AnyMusic Free MP3 Finder

No matter how great MP3 Juice is, the trick button is the biggest flaw in user experience.

I know how annoying the hidden ads could be.

For readers who’re driven crazy by the hidden ads, I won’t convince you to try my tips to avoid pop-ups on MP3Juice.

Instead, I’d like to recommend another free music download site for you – AnyMusic Free MP3 Finder.

Free MP3 Finder

As you can see, the interface is very simple and clean.

Meanwhile, this site can work as well as MP3 Juices. Just like mp3juic, you can follow the same way – search with keywords or video link - to get the song you want with AnyMusic.

Beyond that, the Free MP3 Finder can do much more than MP3Juices. There’re a few examples.

  • More Music Details

When you enter a song name into the search bar of MP3 Juice, you can get lots of result and information of each item – music source, time and bitrate. Since there’s no comment for “Time”, I have no clue what this is for.

MP3Juices search result

As for AnyMusic Free MP3 Finder, it fetches all the basic info – video source, view count, release date, and video length. Therefore, you can have a thorough understaning of the song that you’re gonna download.

AnyMusic search result

If you wan to check the original page of a specific item, you only need to click on the link icon beside the song name.


I think this is a really thoughtful button.

Just look at the screenshot below, when I click on the icon, I just go to the page of the YouTube video instantly.

YouTube video page

  • Multiple File Formats for Choice

At MP3Juice, you can only download music in MP3 format. With AnyMusic, however, you can download both the music and the music video. Moreover, there’re many different file types for choice, such as MP3, M4A, WebM, MP4, 3GP and more.

multiple formats

  • Music Video Download

As most music downloader can merely get MP3 songs download, this feature really distinguishes AnyMusic from other MP3 download sites. So it also play a great role as video downloader.
As a music lover, you must want to download all the songs of your favorite singer, as well as his/her brilliant music videos. Don’t you?

  • 1000+ Streaming Sites Supported

MP3 Juice has 7 music sources, which includes YouTube, Soundcloud, vk, Yandex, 4shared, PromoDJ, Archive. It’s quite remarkable, but AnyMusic has done even better which supports more than 1000 sites.

Well, it bet you’re impressed by these features of AnyMusic as I do.

If so, you got to try its software for desktop, which has more advanced features that you can’t find on the site.

Such as……

Batch downloading!

Add downloaded songs to mobile phone!

Listen to music without a third-party player!

Keep your music file organized!

……and so on!

Can’t wait to take a shot?

Just click here for more information!

If you want to learn more about similar websites, you can have a look at Sites Like MP3 Juice for Free Music Download 2017. You definitely can get what you want!

In the End…

That’s everything you need to know about Mp3 Juice free music download and its alternative.

Which one do you prefer?

It’s all up to you.

Just get one of them and download music as much as you wish.

Don’t forget to share this post to let more people enjoy music freely just like you!

If there’s anything missed in the article, please feel free to contact me.

Perhaps you even have better websites for free downloading songs, I’d love to hear that!

Just drop a comment to me!

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