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How to Download Music from YouTube to MP3

Last updated: 2017/04/14 | Eva C Levy

What should you do to enjoy YouTube music on the go? You can search for some YouTube downloaders to download YouTube to MP3. And then transfer the MP3 files to iPhone, Android phone or other devices. What is more, if the device does not support MP3 files, you have to convert MP3 to compatible formats. The article explains the best YouTube downloading software and the detail process to extract MP3 files from YouTube in the professional way.

AnyMusic – Versatile Windows YouTube Downloader

AnyMusic is the most versatile YouTube Downloader to get free MP3 music from YouTube. The program includes all the features you can imagine to enjoy music from YouTube. Here are the excellent features you should know about the AnyMusic MP3 YouTube Downloader.

  • Search for free music files with the names of the songs, artists, albums or links with ease.
  • Download music from YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook and other online streaming sites.
  • What is more, the YouTube downloader can also convert MP3 to other compatible formats.
  • Transfer the music to Apple devices without iTunes which makes music transfer easier than ever before.
  • Manage the YouTube music files in the library, and use the build-in music player to upgrade your music experience.

How to Download Music from YouTube to MP3 with AnyMusic

Just as mentioned, AnyMusic is more than a YouTube downloader, which also helps you to search for the music files and manage them effortlessly. Here is the easy process to convert YouTube to MP3 with the versatile YouTube Downloader.

STEP 1Search for the Desired Music

You can search the music you want by songs, artists, albums or URL. Even though YouTube provides massive resources and contents, it still can’t cover everything. That’s why I love about AnyMusic, it searches for music resources from multiple channels accordingly.

AnyMusic YouTube downloader

STEP 2Download Music from YouTube

On the search result page, as you can see, you can choose the file format you want to download.

download free mp3 with AnyMusic

STEP 3Transfer or Manage YouTube MP3

And then you can enjoy the YouTube music on the program with the build-in music player or transfer the file to iPhone without iTunes. The program just make transfer easier than ever before.

transfer mp3 to iPhone without iTunes

What is more important, you can also adjust the quality of the output files in order to satisfy all music preference. Just download the AnyMusic YouTube downloader to enjoy a nice music experience now.

Airy – YouTube Downloader on Mac

Airy is an Youtube downloader for Mac. The program allows you to choose download resolutions and formats, including MP4, FLV, 3GP and MP3. Another feature that should be mentioned is the ability to pause and resume downloads right from where you left off. The YouTube downloader also empowers you to set up notifications for various events.

STEP 1Paste the URL of the YouTube Link

Once you launch Airy YouTube downloader, you can copy and paste the YouTube link to the program. And then the program will analyze the YouTube files before downloading.

Airy YouTube downloader

STEP 2Choose the Output Format

And then you can select the output format as needed. The program is able to dowanload FLV, MP4, Webm, 3GP and MP3 files with different solutions according to the different types of devices.

video to mp3 with Airy

STEP 3Download YouTube to MP3

Click the Download button, the program provides a snapshot and the detail information about the YouTube files. Once you download the file, you can find it in the destination folder.

download YouTube to MP3 with Airy

Airy YouTube Downloader for Mac provides an easy process to download music from YouTube to MP3 for free. Airy is powerful enough to download Full HD and 8K Ultra HD videos, entire playlists and channels on YouTube. When you login your YouTube account, you can download everything from YouTube with ease. – Online YouTube Downloader

If you just need to get off YouTube to MP3, could be a nice option for you. The YouTube downloader can not only convert YouTube to MP3 file format, but also MP4, AVI and HD file formats. And then seamlessly transfer your music from your desktop to your mp3 player, phone, or music library. What is more, Flvto YouTube to MP3 downloader also shows 100 most converted videos. Here is the tutorial on how to download YouTube to MP3 with

STEP 1Copy the Link of YouTube Music

Click the CONVERT TO button directly if you find the desired song from Or else, you need to find the file from YouTube, and then paste the link of the YouTube music in the search bar.

Flvto YouTube downloader

STEP 2Choose the Format of the Output

After that you can choose the output format, which default as MP3. If you want to convert to other format, you can choose from MP4, MP4 HD, AVI or AVI HD as needed.

convert YouTube to mp3 online

STEP 3Save the Downloaded Music File

Just click the download button to get the music to your computer. Of course, you can also enter the email address or login your Dropbox account to save the downloaded music files.

Flvto save YouTube mp3

Airy YouTube Downloader for Mac provides an easy process to download music from YouTube to MP3 for free. Airy is powerful enough to download Full HD and 8K Ultra HD videos, entire playlists and channels on YouTube. When you login your YouTube account, you can download everything from YouTube with ease.


If you have no idea how to choose from these there YouTube downloaders. Following information will help you make the right desicion.

  • When you search for the YouTube downloader on Google or other search engines, you can find multiple free applications to download YouTube MP3. But you might find lots of limitations, just take Flvto for example, you can only transfer YouTube music to MP3, MP4 and AVI. And if the file is large than one hour, you need to download the desktop version of YouTube downloader instead.
  • If you only need to download a small amount of music, Airy YouTube Downloader for Mac can reach your satisfaction. However, Airy doesn’t provide many options for download file foramts. Once you want to download music in bulk, it may not work that well. And you need to manually transfer the music from computer to iPhone one by one.
  • AnyMusic is a versatile YouTube downloader that takes everything related to music into consideration. After you install the program, you can search and download music from YouTube and other online streaming sites. The management features of the AnyMusic YouTube downloadercan help you organize a large amount of files as profession.

Of course, there should be lots of other softwares that can download YouTube to MP3 with other excellent features. Let us know about your thoughts of these softwares in the comments below.

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