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YouTube Music: Everything You Need to Know (Search, Play & Download)

Last updated: 2017-08-21 | Eva C Levy
youtube music

As we all know, YouTube is the largest video website in the world where most of these videos are about music.

Therefore, YouTube Music, a special part of it, has come about.

You might have heard about it or been using it.

However, how much do you know about it?

Have you met any problems, like how to download YouTube Mp3 songs?

If so, take it easy.

This article would be a guide or tutorial for you.

We will explain more about YouTube Music, as well as the way to get YouTube music download.

Here is a short brief for you.

#1 Things You Should Know about YouTube Music

YouTube Music is the most popular music streaming service that launched on November 12, 2015, whose parent is Google.

There are many pop singers and artists who showcase their singing by YouTube Music.

That would be crazy that about two hundred hours of the music video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, so you can access to what you like and enjoy it for free.

Now, there is one thing that you should pay attention to:

To honor the best in the music video medium, YouTube presented an award called YouTube Music Awards (commonly abbreviated as YTMA), which has been held twice. Unlike other awards, the winner was totally voted by fans.

The first-ever YouTube Music Awards was held in 2013, at New York City's Pier 36 and were broadcast live at The show was directed by Spike Jonze. Artist of the Year was won by Eminem and Video of the Year was won by Girls' Generation for their video "I Got a Boy".

The second celebration was held online, hosted by Tyler Oakley, and 50 winners were chosen based on the "growth in views, subscribers, and engagement over the last six months."

It is a fact that the operation of YouTube Music is easy and the functions are amazing.

If you have the targeted music video in your mind then you just need to put the related information of it into the search bar to get it.

The daily playlist created by YouTube Music is great. "My Mix," which combines tracks you’ve listened to, tracks you’ve liked, and some new stuff it thinks you might like to discover.

You can search and listen to any music for free, however, with ads.

Now you might have a question…

How can I download the music from YouTube?

Alright, I’ll explain it in the next part.

#2 Top 5 YouTube to MP3 Downloader

Due to the music copyright, no matter how many free MP3 download websites you know, perhaps you still cannot download some popular songs for free.

But now, I will list some YouTube Music downloaders or converters so that you can get access to whichever music you like.

1. YouTube Red

YouTube Red

YouTube Red is a monthly subscription service ($9.99/month) from YouTube. It lets you stream music and videos on YouTube without ads.

It was originally introduced as YouTube Key. YouTube Red has two other main benefits: offline viewing and listening with the screen off.

With the paid membership, you can save YouTube songs on your mobile devices to watch offline whenever you want.

The background paly feature enables users to keep videos or music playing when using other apps.

These two features are the main reason that people are willing to pay for YouTube Red.

2. AnyMusic (Editor’s Choice)


AnyMusic is a powerful Music & HD Video downloader.

AnyMusic allows you to get any music without ads and virus.

With AnyMusic you can avoid choosing the wrong music due to online preview feature.

Also, it can download the whole YouTube playlist within minutes. With the time you saved, you can spend more time with family.

AnyMusic has powerful search algorithm. It enables you to grab desired music from online streaming sites by entering the name, albums, and artists of the song or URL.

To get YouTube music download, you just need to click on the Download button and select a format.

You can manage the song in the library if you want. So you can download and install AnyMusic for Win or AnyMusic for Mac according to your need.

What is crazy is that AnyMusic can not only download music from YouTube, but also videos. What’s more, it has a “Discover” page, where provides you with global music websites and top hits.

In my opinion, if you want to download YouTube Music or video quick and fast, AnyMusic is the best choice.

3. MP3Juices


Mp3Juices is a popular free MP3 download site.

It has more than one millions MP3 files from public music sites. Therefore, you can download as many songs as you want.

You can search song by using relevant information such as song’s name, movie’s name, album’s name or you can search for an artist. It let you download from an extensive collection of songs in different genres and languages with high quality.

4. MP3Skull


MP3Skull is a popular website for you to download free MP3. Although it does not have a very good-looking interface, it houses millions of songs.

You just need to put the name of the song, choosing the quality you want, and download it.

Apart from MP3 music download, it provides many options for you to download latest English videos and mobile movies when you enter the MP3Skull page.

If you just browse the internet and don't have a specific song you want to listen to or download, you can play some music according to its recommended music classifications.

5. Vibe Cloud

Vibe Cloud

You may think about that, free MP3 download sites always don’t care about their interfaces.

So here we introduce you a very beautiful online music download website, Vibe Cloud.

The interface is very clean and organized, and there’re no annoying ads at all.

Within a few clicks, you can directly play and download the YouTube music. With this site, you can gain both visual and hearing enjoyment.

In the End…

There is no doubt that music is an authentic human expression, while YouTube Music is the heaven for music nerds.

Now, if you want to download YouTube Music to your devices, just pick one of the YouTube downloaders above.

Personally, my favorite one is AnyMusic. I guess probably its powerful features impress me as its name.

Nevertheless, it’s all up to you.

Well, I hope this article would be helpful for you.

If you have any question, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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