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YouTube Song Downloader Online | The Ultimate Guide 2018

Last updated: 2018-02-23 | Eva C Levy
YouTube song downloader

If somebody says he can’t live without YouTube,

Seriously, I will take it! Especially for music lover,

They spend much time in enjoying YouTube music online.

It’s ok when you browse YouTube music online,

But what if you try to get YouTube songs download offline?

Maybe you want to download on your PC or any devices you use.

But the fact is that you can download YouTube songs directly online.

So I know what you need…

A YouTube songs downloader!

So do I have any idea to solve your problem?

Yes, I do! So keep reading…

The best YouTube song downloader is coming soon!

Part 1 Download Songs from YouTube Online

Free YouTube Downloader is an amazing online YouTube song downloader.

It can do you a big favor when you want to convert YouTube to MP3.

In addition, it provides 2 ways to download YouTube songs.

Let me show you the steps in detail!

Part 1 Download YouTube Song Free YouTube Downloader

#1 Download YouTube Song Online by Keywords

Step 1 Search Video on Free YouTube Downloader
Visit Free YouTube Downloader.
Enter the title of the song you want to get on the search bar.
Click on the search iron on the right, the result will soon be presented in front of you.

Search on Free YouTube Downloader

Step 2 Play the Video Online
Perhaps there will be many search results in front of you.
Before you play the video, you can learn more information about the song.
Then you can click on the “Play” iron,
Confirm that the video is the one you’re looking for.

Play on Free YouTube Downloader

Step 3 Choose the Format and Download the Video to MP3
Click on the “Download” iron.
You can get the downloaded file without registration.

Download YouTube song online

# 2 Download YouTube Song by URL on Free YouTube Downloader

Step 1 Copy the Video URL
What’s the method of copying the video link?

1. Copy the link directly from the top the page.
2. Right click the video and choose “Copy Video URL”.

Copy URL

Step 2 Paste the Link on Free YouTube Downloader
Visit Free YouTube Downloader.
Paste the URL on the search bar.
Click on the search iron on the right.

Paste on Free YouTube Downloader

Step 3 Make Sure the Result
Click on “Play” iron to make the video broadcast online.
Make sure you’re searching for the correct video.

Play YouTube song

Step 4 Download Now
Click on the “Download” icon and choose audio format for your video
Without any charge, the video can be downloaded quickly.

Download YouTube online

Here are 2 methods about how to download a song from YouTube online.
Did you nail it them after reading my guide?

Part 2 The Best Batch YouTube Song Downloader

Different from online YouTube song downloader, AnyUTube is a powerful music downloader that you can download YouTube playlist with one click.
Let’s see how to make it!

Step 1 Search YouTube Playlist Videos
Open AnyUTube.
One way is to search YouTube video with keywords.
Another way is to paste video link or playlist link on the search bar.


How to copy playlist URL from YouTube?
1. Copy directly from the address bar on the top of the page.
2. Right click the playlist and choose “Copy link address”.

YouTube playlist

Step 2 Play Video Online
In order not to waste your priceless time downloading the wrong one,
Playing video online is very necessary.

Play YouTube songs

Step 3 Choose the Video You Need and Download
When you search for a playlist, the search result may include more than one video.
Pick out one or more videos you want and click on the box in front.
Click on “Batch Download Audios” iron and select one quality.
Finally, click on “Download” iron, you’ll get the result in a short time.

Download YouTube Song Playlist

So easy, you can download all the YouTube song with these simple steps above.
It can save your time and let you enjoy the YouTube music in a more wonderful way.


That’s all about my share for you to download songs from YouTube.

How do you like this YouTube song downloader?

Try them and share your user experiences with us!

They must be helpful for you to download YouTube to MP3.

Please leave your comments below if you have any trouble or advice!

Thanks for your reading and wish you a good day!

See you next time!

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