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Best YouTube to MP3 2017 (For Mobile, Desktop, Online)

Last updated: 2017-05-27 | Eva C Levy
youtube to mp3 resource

I am listening to YouTube songs while writing this article. Well, I guess you are also listening to music while reading my article.

Since we all love YouTube, you must have encountered the Same Problem - how to download YouTube music to MP3 files?

It is NEVER an easy job!

This is why I spent days doing research and trying different YouTube to MP3 converters on different devices, only to find out the BEST and EASIEST way to extract MP3 files from YouTube.

So I handpicked the top 10 YouTube to MP3 2017 as follows.

(As different tools focus on different usage scenarios, my list is classified in terms of supported devices, so you can quickly find the solution as needed.)

Except for devices, I also take other features into consideration when I’m looking for good converters. If you’re the same as me, you may easily find what you seek for as follows.

Top 5 Online Converter for YouTube to MP3 Songs

Whether you want to listen to YouTube songs on smartphone or computer, YouTube to MP3 sites will always be your first choice.

#1 Free MP3 Finder
Free MP3 Player, Downloader & Converter (Editor’s Choice)

This is personally my favorite YouTube to MP3 Downloader.

No ads and no plugins – the clean interface just wins my heart. How can anyone not love these?

Beyond that, it’s easy to navigate, you can effortlessly get the desired MP3 music from YouTube.

When I browse YouTube music channel, I’d copy the link of the music I like and paste it to the search bar of Free MP3 Finder. Then I can find the video on the search results page and rip the audio to different file formats.

For example, I want to download the popular music video I’m the One of DJ Khaled. I only need to paste the video URL into the search box. Then the music I want just comes up as below. Isn’t it easy as Google search?

best YouTube to MP3 with Free MP3 Finder

If you have no idea about the URL of the music, you can simply enter the name of the song, artist, album to search and download.

In addition to YouTube, you can download music from video sharing site like Archive. You may not familiar with Archive, which is a non-profit digital library offering free access to books, movies, web pages, as well as millions of music. For me, it’s an awesome platform to get soundtracks of independent artists. With Free MP3 Finder, you can always find what you’re looking for.

How to extract MP3 songs from YouTube videos:

  • 1. Enter the name of the song, album or the artists, or paste the video link into the search bar.
  • 2. Once you enter something in the search bar, Free MP3 Finder will automatically detect the MP3 songs from YouTube.
  • 3. Choose the audio file format you want to download, and then the download will begin.


  • 1 Free MP3 Finder is an online YouTube to MP3 player and converter, which enables you to search, play and download YouTube music in any browsers.
  • 2 When you search for the desired music from YouTube, you can pick up the desired version from multiple versions that you got from YouTube or Facebook sites.


  • Multiple video sources like YouTube and Archive.
  • Free of charge and no need to register.
  • No ads and no plugins.
  • Fast download.
  • Multiple output audio formats.


  • Does not support multiple languages.
  • Cannot adjust parameters for audio files.

The Largest Music Website (Not available)

*****Not available now because of some legal trouble, we will continue to follow and update its news if it comes back.

The RIAA describes as “the world’s largest site dedicated to offering illegally 'stream ripped' music.

However, it is said that the service engages in activities that breach YouTube’s Terms of Service. Now is unavailable.

Even the site has been taken to court, there is no doubt that is one of the most influential YouTube 2 mp3 converters since it has the largest user base.

This is why I want to keep it on the list. Though Free MP3 Finder performs far more excellent than, you know, the ad-free interface is much user-friendly.

Anyway, I’d like to follow and update its news since I’ve got lots of free music from this site before.

As for the legality of YouTube to MP3, you can learn more from the article Is it legal to download YouTube to MP3?

#3 Clip Converter
The Best Alternative to

Clip Converter is a free online media conversion application, which allows you to record, convert and download almost any audio or video files. Currently it supports services: YouTube (720p, 1080p, 4K), Vimeo and etc. This free and fast YouTube to MP3 converter allows you to watch your favorite YouTube videos offline on PC, TV or any other devices.

best YouTube to MP3 with Clip Converter

How to download and convert a YouTube video:

  • 1. Paste your YouTube URL at “Video URL” and click on Continue button. Please notice that an ad will pop up at the same time.
  • 2. Select the format (MP3, MP4, M4A) for output file.
  • 3. Click on the “Start” button at the bottom to start the conversion.
  • 4. The conversion process may take several minutes. Once it is finished you can download the converted file.


  • 1 This YouTube 2mp3 converter also has huge base of users, it is popular second only to But the pop-up ads are really annoying. When you paste the video URL and click the YouTube to MP3 Converter button, it will jump out the ads like the next picture shows. If you click the button stop now, it will install software in your computer, which troubles users a lot. Please pay attention to the ads when you use this mp3 YouTube converter.
  • 2 The ClipConverter provides service named Browser Addon, which allows you to convert YouTube to MP3 and download videos directly and this makes your using experience much more efficient. But you must install one of an Addon, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari. If you have one of the browsers, you can watch a video and convert it at the same time.


  • 1. Support various formats (MP3, M4A , AAC, MP4, 3GP, AVI, MOV).
  • 2. Upload videos to convert.
  • 3. Add ID3 information.
  • 4. Free.
  • 5. Support multiple languages.


  • 1. Ads.
  • 2. Must input URL.
  • 3. Not support YouTube videos search.

#4 Convert2mp3
The Most Comprehensive & Professional MP3 Converter provides you with the services of downloading music for free and converting YouTube to mp3, as well convert Dailymotion, Vevo and Clipfish online to MP3, MP4 and more. This mp3 YouTube converter is fast, free and there is no registration needed.

best YouTube to MP3 with Convert2mp3

How to use Convert2mp3:

  • 1. The free YouTube to mp3 converter is divided into 2 parts to search your video, you can insert video link (URL) and select format, or you can enter something to search for artist - song title or video title.
  • 2. It is divided into 3 parts to download your video, firstly, search for a video, secondly, copy the link, finally select format and convert.


  • 1 If you want to download a file on iOS devices, you need to use with an alternative browser, like Maxthon Browser, Dolphin Browser for iPad for free affiliated with
  • 2 You can add ID3 information, which are saved in mp3 files, such as the artist, title and album inside it.
  • 3 It allows you to import your YouTube 2 MP3, MP4 and M4A files to iTunes without problems. Also you can transfer them to your iPhone, iPod or iPad using iTunes.


  • 1. Support various formats (MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, OGG, WMA, MP4, AVI, WMV, 3GP).
  • 2. Directly search YouTube videos.
  • 3. No ads.
  • 4. Free.
  • 5. Support multilanguage.


  • 1. Unstable downloading.
  • 2. No constant updates.

#5 KeepVid
The Most Practical & Stable MP3 Converter Software

KeepVid Video Downloader is a YouTube to mp3 converter online, which allows you to download videos from various sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitch.Tv, Vimeo, Dailymotizon and etc. You just need to paste the URL in the search box, then simply click on Download. Besides, KeepVid will get the download links in all possible formats that the particular site provides. What’s more, it can work well either for Window or Mac.

best YouTube to MP3 with KeepVid

How to use Keepvid:

  • 1. Click Download:
    Watch the video online and click Download in the top right corner of your browser.
  • 2. Copy and Paste the URL:
    Copy the URL of the video that you wish to download and paste this URL by clicking on the “Paste URL” button.
  • 3. Raw Recording:
    Click Record Video in the downloader to capture the video/audio you are currently watching


  • 1. More functions.
  • 2. Stable performance.
  • 3. Instant technical support.
  • 4. Constant updates.
  • 5. Support 28 music video websites.
  • 6. Support multilanguage.


  • 1. Not free.
  • 2. Not support search online.

YouTube to MP3 Converter for Mac & Win

Different with the YouTube to MP3 apps, the MP3 YouTube converters on Windows and Mac provide more excellent features.

Just check more detail about the recommended programs from the section.

#6 Freemake Video Converter
Convert YouTube music to MP3 in Batch

With over 500 media formats conversion supports, Freemake Video Converter can convert online videos to any popular or rare audio format you want. Moreover, you can use the YouTube to MP3 converter on PC to transfer converted audios to iPhone and Android phones. To be more specific, once you finish desktop YouTube video to MP3 audio conversion, Freemake Video Converter will uploads video and audio files to iTunes and iOS automatically.

best YouTube to MP3 with Freemake

How to grab MP3 audio from YouTube video:

  • 1. Install Freemake Video Converter, select customize installation to get light version.
  • 2. Choose Audio on the top, and then upload YouTube Video.
  • 3. Select MP3 output audio formats, and adjust furthermore settings if necessary.
  • 4. Tap Convert option, and then download YouTube to MP3 music.


  • 1 Freemake has some powerful video edit tools. So once you import YouTube movies or other long videos, you can cut, rotate ad join videos, to remove unnecessary video to audio conversion.
  • 2 It is also very easy to add subtitles during movie conversion. There are adjustable subtitle font and size to choose from, with special characters and Unicode supported.

You can post converted YouTube to MP3 music to YouTube directly from desktop version. In addition, it is acceptable to convert video to MP3 music in Batch.


  • 1. Over 500 media formats conversion support.
  • 2. Upload converted audio to iTunes automatically.
  • 3. Convert for any gadgets.
  • 4. Free of charge.
  • 5. No ads.
  • 6. Built-in video editing tools.
  • 7. Multiple languages.


  • 1. The interface is not concise enough.

#7 Free YouTube to MP3 Converter
Download Free Music from YouTube in High Quality

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter is the lightweight version of DVDVideoSoft Video Converter. You are able to download YouTube music and videos in original quality without data loss. With high audio bitrate up to 192 kbps, you can convert music from YouTube video files in high quality. Free YouTube to MP3 Converter allows users to download and convert music playlists and channels in fats speed as well. In addition, the multithreaded downloading is the main support for people to save MP3 music from YouTube video conversion.

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

How to save YouTube to MP3 files:

  • 1. Download and run Free YouTube to MP3 Converter app.
  • 2. Paste certain YouTube video URL, or to copy the entire playlists and channels.
  • 3. Select audio output format in MP3 Extreme, and then decide to pick Insane or Lossless.
  • 4. Click Download button, and then select the folder you want to save converted audio as.


  • 1 No matter the output audio format you convert to, the Free YouTube to MP3 Converter will offer you hi-fi soundtracks for offline listening.
  • 2 The converted MP3 music from YouTube video will be added to iTunes automatically.


  • 1. Download YouTube playlists and channels.
  • 2. Pure sound conversion
  • 3. Multithreaded downloading.
  • 4. Free.
  • 5. No ads.
  • 6. Support Multilanguage.


  • 1. No built-in browser.

YouTube to MP3 Converter for Android

As for the Android users, you can download some YouTube to MP3 APK converters to extract music from YouTube. And then you do not have to transfer MP3 to the smartphone as for the case.

#8 Vidmate
HD YouTube to MP3 Downloader without Ads

Vidmate is one of the leading downloaders that providing free YouTube to MP3 HD video services. A huge amount of video & music sources can be found here, and you can download these content from various websites, including but not limited to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram. With easy and fast services, Vidmate is your best choice for YouTube to mp3 download!

best YouTube to MP3 with Vidmate

How to use Vidmate:

  • 1. You can search the video directly, or paste the URL of the video in the input box.
  • 2. Then you can choose to download the video or the audio respectively.

Easy Counter Features of Vidmate:

It has 18 counter designs for you to choose from - each with a different font and background color. With its free counter you'll be able to track:

  • 1. Hits for the last 30 days
  • 2. This month's hits
  • 3. Last year's hits
  • 4. Visitors by country
  • 5. Visitors by browser used
  • 6. Operating system stats
  • 7. Hits versus unique visitors


  • 1 Because YouTube to mp3 Android has no regular updates, so it doesn’t support some new resources or copyright music.
  • 2 Now it only provides Android version, but you can click for IOS at the top-right of this page.
  • 3 If you want to share your YouTube mp3 with friends, you can click the Vidmate setting to invite friends, or you can share it in Vidmate downloaded list you’re your downloaded videos.


  • 1. Support various resources.
  • 2. Own Android App.
  • 3. No ads.
  • 4. Free of Charge.
  • 5. Support multilanguage.


  • 1. Not support some new resources or copyright music downloading.
  • 2. No constant updates.

#9 WonTube
Free Video Converter & Best YouTube Player

WonTube is one of the most popular YouTube MP3 converters for Android, which helps you free of annoying issues like connectivity, coverage related, data streaming and low Internet speed. You do not have to worry about that your favorite videos might be deleted from YouTube.

best YouTube to MP3 with WonTube

How to obtain YouTube music as MP3 with WonTube:

  • 1. Download the YouTube to MP3 APK and install the application.
  • 2. Go to YouTube to find the video or audio you like. And press the Download button located in the upper right side of the screen to download it.
  • 3. Just wait a few more minutes to download YouTube to MP3 on Android directly.


  • 1 The intuitive interface of the YouTube MP3 converter helps you download YouTube songs with ease, but the shortage should be the functions to manage the files.
  • 2 As for the limitation of the storage and speed of the Internet connection, it is difficult to download YouTube to MP3 HD files.


  • 1. Provides multiple video sources and audio file formats.
  • 2. Both the online version and Android version are available.
  • 3. Download the music to Android smartphone directly.
  • 4. No ads.
  • 5. Free.
  • 6. Support Multilanguage.


  • 1. It is a little complicated to use the program.

All-in-one YouTube to MP3 Converter for iPhone

For there’re so many choices, you may want to ask:

Is there any software that can satisfy all my requirement?

Well, if you mean a music tool that enables you to listen to music online, download music for offline listening, convert video to audio file, transfer music to iPhone without iTunes...then YES!

It seems like something impossible, but with AnyMusic, you’ll change your idea.

#10 AnyMusic
One Stop Solution for All Music Preference (Editor’s choice)

AnyMusic is not only a powerful YouTube to MP3 convertor, but also an excellent music player, downloader, and transfer tool.

You may assume such powerful music tool might be complicate to navigate. Nah, you’ll find it surprisingly easy to use.

For me, as long as you get AnyMusic, I don’t need to worry about where and how to get free music.

best YouTube to MP3 with AnyMusic

How to convert YouTube to MP3 with AnyMusic:

  • 1. Copy and paste YouTube video link into the search box, or you can also enter the songs, artists, albums to search for music.
  • 2. Click on the Download button, and then you can choose video formats and sizes as you want.
  • 3. Connect iPhone and AnyMusic with a lightning cable on desktop, and select the music you want to transfer to iPhone. Then you can find the music in Music app on iPhone.


  • As you can see, whatever convert YouTube videos to MP3 files or transfer music to smartphone, the powerful all-in-one video to audio converter is totally enough. Moreover, AnyMusic can work as an great music player too. Therefore, you cannot deny that AnyMusic is able to satisfy all your music preference.


  • 1. Search for unlimited free music with songs, artists, albums or links.
  • 2. Download free YouTube MP3 music directly, or convert online videos to MP3 file.
  • 3. Easily add music to Apple devices without iTunes.
  • 4. Manage the files with the program on your computer.
  • 5. Build-in music player upgrades your music experience.


  • 1. It is not a free program, but you can enjoy the program with a cheap rate.


Do you master the skills of converting YouTube to MP3 now?

Streaming media like music and video are already parts of our daily life, I do hope you can benefit from this article.

If you know any YouTube to MP3 converter better than above, you’re welcome to share with us via or just leave a comment below.

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