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The Best Way to Download Instagram Videos 2018

By Luna Davies | Last updated: Nov 21, 2018


Upload photos and videos to Instagram.

Follow friends or stars and know more about their lives.

Spend spare time on viewing interesting videos in this popular social networking service.

These are very common in people’s social life, right?

However, as a user of Instagram, you must have met one problem.

Users are not able to download Instagram videos online.

It does disappoint you, doesn’t it?

What are you going to do to deal with it?

You must have realized that an Instagram video downloader for helping you to download free video from Instagram is necessary.

Today, I’m sharing 2 brilliant products with you to solve this problem.

Let’s start!

Part 1. How to Download Instagram Videos Online?

 Free Video Finder

As you can see, the page of Free Video Finder is clean. And more good features like:

  • There is no ad on its page and totally virus-free.

    This online Instagram video downloader cares about the safety of the users’ devices.So, its users don’t need to worry about the computer being attacked by a virus.

  • Videos from OVER 1,000 websites can be downloaded to your PC through Free Video Finder.

    Instagram is surely included. Other websites like Facebook, YouTube and Dailymotion are also available.More sites will be added to this long list to meet users’ need.

According to the video resources you pick, HD videos can be downloaded free, either.

Users could download HD videos in formats like MKV, MP4 and 3GP.

How about playlist?

As the user of Free Video Finder, you can get the whole playlist from YouTube downloaded online.

What if users just want the sound of the video?

It is possible for you to convert the video you like to MP3 with the help of this website.

What’s more, it lets you download videos without sound.

This function is quite AMAZING!

Another feature is extracting audio from videos.

Sometimes we were just attracted by the sound of the video.This function enables you to rip the audio from videos.

The audio can be downloaded in formats like MP3.

How to find your favorite video on Free Video Finder?

You can enter any words related to the video.

Or use the URL to find it. I will give more derails about the tutorial on the following.

Now, let me show you how to download Instagram video on PC with Free Video Finder.

Step 1. Search for the Instagram video you like

Paste the URL of the video in the search bar.

Click the search icon to find this video.

 Free Video Finder

Step 2. Make sure this is the right video

Click the play button to play this video online.

Ensure this is the one you want.

 Free Video Finder

Step 3. Choose the format of the video

Free Video Finder offers users many formats.

Pick one based on your requirement.

 Free Video Finder

Step 4. Download the video

Click the download button.

The video will be in your computer in a short time.

 Free Video Finder

I’m sure now you know how to save Instagram video free online.

Free Video Finder makes it simple and easy.

Give it a shot!

Part 2. How to Download Instagram Video on Android

With the development of smart-phone, we use it more frequent every day.

If you use the phone way more than the computer, I recommend an Instagram video download app - AnyVid.

This is the mobile version of Free Video Finder.

It will be more convenient for you.

This app lets its users to enjoy a large quantity of videos from over 1,000 popular websites.

AnyVid is also ad-free.

Install the app on your phone won’t bring any virus, too.

How about download speed?

When there are various videos to be downloaded, the speed will be added to the maximum.

Thus, your valuable time will be saved.

If you got too many files in Library, you can organize them by the way you like to make them look tidy.

Also, the saved location of the files could be changed.

Now, I’m showing you the way to download Instagram MP4 videos with AnyVid.

Step 1. Find the Instagram video on AnyVid

Copy the video’s URL.

Paste it in the search bar and search.


Step 2. Play this video on AnyVid

Click the play icon.

Make sure you got the right video.


Step 3. Choose one video format you prefer

AnyVid provides you with different formats of video. Select the one you like.


Step 4. Download the video with AnyVid

Click the format you chose before.

The video will be in your phone fast.



Now you got 2 powerful products to download Instagram videos online.

Which one do you like more?

Don’t forget to come to our official website and get them in your PC or smart-phone.

If you still have questions, please let me know in the comments.

It is my pleasure to help you.

Enjoy your day!

Luna Davies has been a technology writer for the last seven years, which covers mobile, Internet service, social media, and the good and bad of tech.

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