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How to Download Facebook Videos Online (without Installing Software)

Last updated: 2017-12-08 | Eva C Levy
How to download Facebook videos

The Facebook name comes from the “face book” directories.

It is a student directory featuring photos and basic information.

Facebook was initially an online social media for communicating.

With the time going by, it became more powerful today…

It’s well acknowledged that Facebook is the world’s No. 1 photo sharing site.

What’s more, it is one of the most popular video sharing websites.

However, here comes a question.

How to download Facebook videos online for free?

Well, I’ve just figured out how to do that!

In this article you will grasp the skill to download video from Facebook with AmoyShare Free Video Finder.

Can’t wait to learn more?

Just follow my steps!

Part 1: Best Way to Download Facebook Video Online

With overwhelming search engine and download options, Free Video Finder can assist you to download any video on Facebook online.

Free video finder

It’s a piece of cake to get it done.

Don’t believe in? Then you should see how it works in the following steps.

Option 1. Download with the URL

Step 1: Search for the Facebook Videos You Want

Double click the Facebook video to get the URL, or right click the Facebook video, and choose Show video URL to copy the URL of the Facebook video.

Copy Facebook URL

Step 2: Download Facebook Video

Then you can paste the link of private Facebook video to the search bar on Free Video Finder. Click on “Go” to get the result as you can see.

Search on Free Video Finder

Since you have found the desired video, you can play the Facebook video online first; then it’s time to save it. Click on “Download” button, and you will see different qualities and formats are in front of you. Just choose one of them as you needed.

Choose formats

Option 2. Download by Keywords

Step 1:Find Your Favorite Facebook Video.

Keywords search method enables you to search the video by the related information about the video, such as the name, artist and album of it. Here we take the video name as an example. The results are shown as the picture.

Search by keywords

Step 2: Play the Fetched Video from Facebook.

To make sure it is the one you want, you can click on the “Play” button to have a preview before downloading.

Play the video

Step 3:  Download Video from Facebook to Computer

Now you can get ready to download. Just move your finger to click on the “Download” icon, and various quality and formats are prepared for you. You can decide which one to download.

Download the video

No more! That’s all about the download process.

Not only it’s time-saving but also effortless, right?

Not enough? Or just want a video downloader app to get more videos download?

Here, we can also help you!

Keep moving on, I will share it with you soon!

Part 2: Your First Choice of Video Downloader

What I want share with you is AnyVid, a 100% safe and fully functional video master.

AnyVid HD Video Downloader

Why should I say that? Well, the following are some good reasons.

√ Comprehensive database that enables you to get any video from any other video hosting site.

√ Unlimited videos from 1,000+ sites which including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion and much more that help you fetch online videos easily.

√ Powerful inner player for you to preview the desired video. With the help of this function, you can avoid error downloading and be more effective.

√ Time-saving batch downloading is here. The time of downloading are limited (within seconds), while there is no limited how many files you can download at once!

High quality & plenty formats for you to download. High definition gives you better visual experience and so many formats give you more choices.

No ads and virus will disturb you, giving the entire world of video to you.

Literally, AnyVid is the best video downloader!

You should definitely try it.

Yeah! Go for it!

In the End

By now, you have mastered the skill to download Facebook videos online.

Based on the features above, you can decide whether you’ll pick Free Video Finder or AnyVid Video Downloder.

Just choose one and start using it, then, you’ll see how easy Facebook video download can be.

Please feel free to leave comments below for any question or suggestion.

I will reply you as soon as possible!

See ya!

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