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How to Download YouTube Videos?

How to download YouTube Videos

Summary: This article helps you to make downloading YouTube videos a snap, and you can watch them whenever and wherever only with the YouTube video downloader of AmoyShare Total Media Solution.

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As is known to us, YouTube is the most popular video hosting resource and the third most popular website in the world. But there is a pity that it only allows visitors to watch and view videos on their website. So when the situation comes up that we want to download YouTube videos, we are always in anxiety for so much software online with really complex steps make us dazzling.

But here I will present you user-friendly software, which can provide you the fastest ways to YouTube video download with converting at meanwhile. You will have nothing to worry about your YouTube video download after reading this article.

The software is called AmoyShare Total Media Solution, as most powerful and professional media software leader, it offers premier and all-inclusive 12-in-1 multimedia solutions, among which the YouTube video downloader is one very popular.

It is an easy solution to all your videos downloading needs. It can help provide the best quality of the videos saved from YouTube, and even more you can enjoy the YouTube videos in any format for various devices without being connected to the Internet.

Below are the three simple steps for download YouTube videos:

  • Step 1: Paste into source online video
  • Download and launch AmoyShare Total Media Solution learn more , choose quick entrance the Downloader, then paste into the target video URL in address bar or type a keyword to search the related videos via the search box below the address bar.

    The YouTube video downloader inside Total Media Solution could not only download YouTube videos, but also other online videos of various video sharing websites like Facebook, MySpace, Daily motion, etc. It is 100% free to download online videos.

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    All the videos you have browsed will be recorded in the sidebar located on the very left; check one or all of them to download to category or folder.

  • Step 2:  Download and convert the video
  • In the left sidebar, choose the video you prefer to download, after finished, you can now find the videos from the top Downloaded place.

    If you’d like to further convert the video to other formats, just right click your mouse on the video to choose Add to Convert. Then click the icon left besides big green Convert button, you will see a drop-down menu. Just click Change to select the output format you desire, and at last, click the big green Convert button to call out the save panel.

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    More advanced parameter settings are provided besides the Change icon, open the "Edit" interface, you can make detail settings for output audio and video, such as audio and video codec, quality, bit rate, video frame rate, video size, audio sample rate, etc.

  • Step 3:  Save the video
  • On the panel, just select the save location you prefer to save your video. Then click the bottom-right Convert icon, wait a while until your conversion is complete. Finally, simply watch the video on your desktop or upload it to your mobile device as you would normally.

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    To sum up, the whole process to download YouTube videos is very easy: launch Total Media Solution to quick enter the Downloader, and enter the URL address of the video into the field on the top of the page. Then click only once to download the video from the right sidebar. As simple as that!

    Still be in doubt? Or maybe you’ve felt disappointed before about a handful of software designed for downloading videos from YouTube. Why not give AmoyShare Total Media Solution a chance; it will not let you down! I suppose, maybe you will agree that this is the most convenient YouTube video downloader you ever used!

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