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YouTube Downloader App for YouTube Videos & Music

By Eva C Levy | Last updated: Jul 03, 2018


“How to download YouTube video and music” and “YouTube downloader app” is frequent asked question on the Internet, why so many people want to download video/music from YouTube? There are many reasons like some to save YouTube videos for offline watching, others for enjoying videos on different devices and so on.

When you search “YouTube downloader app” on Google, you will get man results about software to download YouTube, but actually, there are only several downloaders work well.

Today, I will share a YouTube downloader app for you to download or convert any YouTube video and music on your device.

What Makes a Good YouTube Downloader App

How to choose a right YouTube downloader app for you?

Many of you only focus on “can I download YouTube videos and music”? but you should consider more, we rounded up several 5 key features that you should take into consideration when you are looking for download YouTube video and music.

1. Easy-to-use Interface
2. Number of Supported File Formats
3. Ads-free or Not.
4. File Management Section
5. Download Speed

East-to-use Interface

A friendly interface makes user experience better, when you choose a video & music downloader for YouTube, it is good if you can use it easily and quickly, and all the functions and icons are clear and workable, also it will becomes more popular in the future.

Number of Supported Out Formats

You are wrong if you think that is enough for downloading YouTube in MP3 or MP4, a good YouTube downloader app should support multiple formats including videos and audio. Especially for 4k YouTube download or other HD YouTube video download.

Ads- free or Not

If you have experience downloading YouTube with video downloader, you may noticed that some software are filled with ads or pop-outs when you downloading videos and music from YouTube. That is annoying, right? So, focus on that!

File Management

For some YouTube downloaders, when you finished the video downloader then you just can’t find the files you downloaded. That will be Irritable, so a good YouTube downloader app should have a files management section for keeping downloaded files well-organized.

Download Speed

How many YouTube video downloaders have you tried? What about their download speed? Download speed is also a vital factor that a good YouTube downloader should have. Especially when you download YouTube video playlist, how long will it take? I think that we all like a YouTube downloader with a high download speed.

What matters for you among these key features?

Think over when you need a video downloader for YouTube.

First Choice for YouTube Downloader App 2018

We discussed many about what a good YouTube downloader app should be like then is there any video download like that? The answer is YES!

This YouTube downloader named AnyUTube. AnyUTube is the video downloader developed by AmoyShare, it becomes more popular recently among users, if this is the first you hear about it then it is right time to learn more about AnyUTube.


This is the interface of AnyUTube, is it simple? Yes, you can see all the parts of it like search, discover, convert, library and log-in, and I think that you know what do they mean briefly, right?

What can you do with AnyUTube?

1. Download any YouTube video in best quality.
2. Convert YouTube music video in MP3, M4A, WEBM, etc.
3. Cut YouTube video/music to the length you desired.
4. YouTube video/music playlist batch download.
5. Discover and download YouTube videos directly on AnyUTube.

I think that a good YouTube video downloader app should have clear function setting, what to do and how to do. So when you install the AnyUTube and open it, you will have clear idea that I can search here or I can discover here.

Now, you may can’t wait to use AnyUTube to download YouTube video and music, right? Hang in there, we are about to show you how to use AnyTube with a simple guide.

How to Download YouTube with AnyUTube?

As we said before about AnyUTube, it’s easy to use, so everyone can use it to download YouTube, even you are the computer layman.

So, next, let’s do the thing – download YouTube video and music.

Step 1. Search YouTube Video by Keywords and Video Link

You can search YouTube video by entering keywords like music video, game video or animal, any words that help you to find the video, or juts copy a video link from YouTube and paste it on AnyUTube.

Let’s take video link search as an example:


Just a few seconds, the search result will displayed below.

Go on…

Step 2. Play YouTube Videos before Downloading

Before you try to download YouTube videos, you can preview the video just like you stream videos on YouTube. That helps you to make sure you got the right video you want to download.

 Play YouTube video

Step 3. Choose Video Formats and Download YouTube.

Now, it is the final step, click “Download” button then you will see there are multiple options for you such as download video or download audio, even download video without audio.

For the formats, it marked the best quality for you. If you don’t know anything about quality you can download the best one directly.

  Download YouTube videos

According to your need, if you want to download YouTube video then you choose the format and quality from the left column, the right column is for YouTube audio downloads. Many options for you like download HD YouTube mp4 video, 1080P YouTube video, YouTube mp3 music, or M4A, etc. formats.

See? With these 3 simple steps, you can download YouTube videos or music with YouTube download app – AnyUTube. But it is not the end, I will show you the most stunning function that discover and download video directly on AnyUTube.

  Discover YouTube videos

With the embedded YouTube site on AnyUTube, you can discover and stream videos and download directly on AnyUTube, I suggest that you try it now, you will love it.

How to download YouTube playlist?

As usual, you need to copy a playlist link from YouTube, and find the result on AnyUTube. Then follow you download needs, choose video or audio.

  Download YouTube playlist

It is easy and time-saving, you don’t need to take a long time to copy video link and paste link one by one. This playlist search and download function will make you satisfied.

Amazing right? Try it now! Hurry!!!


If you want to share with you a YouTube download app, I will say AnyUTube without hesitation. Somebody will say it’s a new app, but I will say that it can do better in the future.

If you have a more suitable YouTube downloader, welcome to share with us.

Also, feel free to contact us if you have any problems and suggestions.

See you next time!

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