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How to Download YouTube Music Videos Online?

Last updated: 2018-02-22 | Eva C Levy
YouTube music videos

What kind of videos do you watch on YouTube?

For me, I always enjoy the music videos on YouTube.

I will catch up with the every new released music video on YouTube.

It’s fun when you appreciate the video online,

Sometimes I want to download YouTube music videos offline.

But you know that you are not able to download YouTube music videos online directly from the website.

So what’s the solution?

If you don’t have any clue then I will try to solve this problem.

I will share with you an online service which can help you with the problem.

You could get YouTube music videos downloaded with it.

How to download YouTube music videos with that online service?

Let’s see!

Part 1 Download YouTube Music Videos Online

With Free YouTube Downloader, you could download your favorite YouTube videos by links and keywords.

It’s ad-free, virus-free and totally safe when you use this online service to download YouTube music videos.

Easy to search and download any YouTube music videos you like.

Next, I am going to show you how to download YouTube hot video with song’s name.

Step1. Search the YouTube Video You Want
Enter the keywords like song name and artists in the search bar.
Click the search icon then you will get the result soon.

Free YouTube Downloader

Step2. Play the Music Video Online
Find the video you wanted to get.
Click the play icon and make sure you didn’t get the wrong one.

Free YouTube Downloader

Step3. Choose the Video Format You Like
There are many formats of video for you like MP4, M4A, 3GP and so on.
Pick your favorite one.

Free YouTube Downloader

Step4. Download this YouTube Music Video
Click the download icon.
Then you can get it on your PC quickly.

Free YouTube Downloader

Using URL to download the music video you want from YouTube with the help of Free YouTube Downloader is easy, too.

Please keep reading.

Step1. Copy the URL of the YouTube Music Video You Want
Copy the URL directly from the address bar.
Or you can right click the video and choose “Copy video URL”.


Step2. Search the Video on Free YouTube Downloader
Paste the video’s URL in the bar.
Click the searching icon.

Free YouTube Downloader

Step3. Play the Video Online
Click the icon of play.
Ensure this is the right one.

Free YouTube Downloader

Step4. Choose Your Favorite Format of the Video
Free YouTube Downloader provides you different formats of video.
Select one that you prefer.

Free YouTube Downloader

Step5. Download the YouTube Music Video Online
Click the download icon.
You will get it in a fast speed.

Free YouTube Downloader

Part 2 Batch Download YouTube Music Video Playlist

If you don’t like to visit the website every time for downloading YouTube music videos, you should try AnyUTube.

You can find all the YouTube videos on AnyUTube by keywords or URL. Besides, AnyUTube is a YouTube converter. It lets you convert YouTube to different kinds of formats. You can convert local media files to FLAC, WAV and M4A, too.

AnyUTube helps you to get YouTube playlist downloaded, which means you could get plenty of videos quickly. Let me show you how to download YouTube music videos playlist with AnyUTube.

Step1. Find your Favorite Playlist on YouTube
There are lots of playlists on YouTube.
Pick one as your favorite and play.


Step2. Copy the URL of the Music Video Playlist
Right click the video and copy video URL.
Or copy the URL from the address bar on the top.


Step3. Search the Playlist on AnyUTube
Paste the URL on the bar.
Click the search icon to get results.


Step4. Play the Music Video Online
You are able to play the playlist after searching.
So you won’t get the wrong one.


Step5. Download YouTube Music Videos Playlist
Click the “All” icon then choose the quality of audios.
Well, you now have the whole YouTube country music playlist downloaded on your computer.



What do you think of Free YouTube Downloader?

It could absolutely give you a hand on downloading YouTube music videos.

Don’t forget that AnyUTube if you want to batch download YouTube playlist.

Both of them can let you get the videos in a quick and simple way.

If you still have question on downloading, please let me know in the comments.

I will reply as soon as possible.

See you next time!

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