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How Do I Transfer iTunes Playlist & iTunes Music to Android Device?

Transfer iTunes Playlist & iTunes Music to Android Device

Summary of this article: This article is quite useful as it introduces a practical method to transfer music from iTunes to Android. Don’t worry about the purchased songs, I’ll teach you how to transfer iTunes music to Android or other non-apple devices.


The impulse that pushes me to write this article was coming from my friend Teresa. She is really a crazy fan of Apple products as she’s got every new mode of iPod, iPhone, iPad and Mac pro as well. But recently she lost her iPhone by accident. Her boyfriend tried to make her happy but did the wrong thing- he bought her a new Samsung Galaxy! Here comes the problem- she couldn’t figure out ways to get back data from iTunes and transfer them to an Android phone because she never had any knowledge except Apple! She cried a river on that and struggled with how to retrieve those at least 500 purchased songs. I hope she will get the right clue to transfer music from iTunes to Android after reading this article.

I understand for most iOS users, iTunes is the only way to access their music library. When you start to use an Android device, the hardest part is to access songs and playlists in your iTunes. Android phones will not be recognized by iTunes but will be displayed as storage devices (like a USB or external hard drive). And this makes everything into simple matters. For Teresa, she only needs to connect Samsung Galaxy to computer with a USB cable and rely on a music transfer tool to help. This tool will access iTunes and all files even those blocked by default to Android. With some help from O2Tunes, the process is fairly pain-free. O2Tunes can easily transfer music from iTunes to Android without any barriers. It supports copying of whole playlists, individual song, and full libraries.

Let’s start to transfer iTunes music to Android by following below steps,

  • Step 1: Download O2Tunes from below link.
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    Green Software with NO Plug-ins.
  • Step 2: Launch O2Tunes. It will automatically search for it and list the current tracks and media files stored in any iOS products and iTunes. You will find the detailed information of each media file including genre, artist and album in three display windows.

  • how-do-I-transfer-iTunes-playlist-&-iTunes-music-to-android-device-step2

  • Step 3: Connect your device. If you want to transfer music from iTunes to Android, then first click iTunes Library icon. Next click Music item below it and tick the songs you’d like to transfer. On the pull down menu of the Export to button, select My Computer.
  • how-do-I-transfer-iTunes-playlist-&-iTunes-music-to-android-device-step3

  • Step 4: O2Tunes will ask you to choose the destination folder. Browse it and set up Android folder to store files. The Customize function provides optional choices to customize your file or folder before transferring. Then click Start Backup.
  • how-do-I-transfer-iTunes-playlist-&-iTunes-music-to-android-device-step4

Now Teresa will feel so happy to move in and out the iTunes playlist and music as many as she wants! If you are also an Android user, why not try to transfer music from iTunes to Android right now?


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Green Software with NO Plug-ins.
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