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How to Stop iTunes’ Long Backup Process for iPhone?

Stop iTunes’ Long Backup Process

Summary of this article: With iTunes, anytime your iPhone is connected to a compute with synchronization, it will then backup the device by default, but sometimes the backup process is too long and even preserves what you don’t need. It makes us annoying and pushes us have to find a best solution to avoid this situation. This article provides you two ways for you to select about how to stop the backup manually for iPhone.


I want to sync my iPhone and it’s backing up all my stuff first. It takes forever and it’s pissing me off, what’s a simple way to stop this madness? PLEASE HELP!

Above is a complaint from iTunes user, who is vexed by iTunes’ backup feature- it insist to do a full backup every time you plug in your iPhone to transfer arbitrary information, which leads to the iTunes synchronization process to run slow.

This problem, I think is the frequent situation that you may come across when using iTunes.

Just like somewhat in this circumstance, you’re rushing out the door to go for a run or off to the gym and remember that you want to listen to a song from your favorite singer. You plug in the iPhone, pop up iTunes and hit the sync button only to be met by an annoying "Backing up One's iPhone" status message that only sits there forever while your precious leisure time slips away.

The culprit is often the ‘backup’ process that kicks in automatically during the syncing process. Although occasionally necessary, the backup indeed sometimes seems to take forever.

What an annoying thing, isn’t it? In order to solve this troublesome issue for everyone, I feel obligated to recommend all the tips about how to stop the backup manually I know to my readers.

There are two ways here.

The first way is just about how to cancel the backup when syncing your iPhone with iTunes. But I have to warn you this is not a good idea, for it may get annoying depending on how many times a day you have to do the same action. During the process, you may experience freezing, stalls, data loss etc. You shall know what actually you want when using this way, and I advise that you had better take care to use it or just leave the option best for demonstration purposes unless you just need a short term solution.

Instructions about how to stop the backup on iTunes:


  • 1. Open the iTunes software. Plug your iPhone into the computer to start your sync. iTunes will recognize the the iPhone and begin backing up the device and syncing any new content.
  • 2. Look at the top of the iTunes screen to see if your backup has started. Cancel the backup by pressing the small 'x' button next to the backup status. This will cancel the backup and sync. If you wish to stop iTunes from automatically backing up every time you connect the device for synchronization, continue to the next step.
  • 3. Select the device within iTunes’s sidebar. Select the "Summary" tab. Enable the option to "Manually Manage Music and Videos." Click "Apply."

From now on, the iTunes will not automatically backup and sync the iPhone. In order to sync the iPhone in the future, you must press the "Sync" button in the main iTunes window.

The second way I strongly recommend is O2Tunes, a software I like best among the manys for transferring and backuping media files. We all know that in order to prevent you from losing information, iPhone always stores downloaded songs, movies and other information on its small hard drive. Therefore, how to backup the media files manually is crucial to run a fast iPhone. Well, here comes good news for you! A fabulous software called O2Tunes will do you a favor with no anxiety! With it, you can back up the files at your will and also stop the backup manually. Below is the tutorial for O2Tunes.

Use the 3rd software - O2Tunes to pass iTunes' atomatic backup:

  • Step 1: Download O2Tunes from below link.
  • Download Trial
    Green Software with NO Plug-ins.
  • Step 2: Connect your device to computer. The device will be detected by O2Tunes as well as the current tracks and media files stored in iPhone.

  • how-to-stop-itunes-long-backup-process-for-iphone-step2

  • Step 3: Select the single music or batches of files you want to backup from iTunes library to iPhone. Then click your device on the pull down menu of the Export to button.
  • how-to-stop-itunes-long-backup-process-for-iphone-step3

  • Step 4: The Customize function provides optional choices to customize the detailed information of these files while importing them to iTunes.
  • how-to-stop-itunes-long-backup-process-for-iphone-step4

From now on, you can enjoy the iTunes music store while managing your songs, playlist so easily!


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Green Software with NO Plug-ins.
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