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iOS Devices Are Easier to Manage with iTunes Alternative.

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Summary of this article: In this article, we’re going to talk about one practical iTunes alternative software, to manage iPhone, iPod, iPad music and video transfer without iTunes.


Thanks to Steven Jobs, the world has been greatly changed by smart phones. And so has our daily life. I can’t imagine how things could be if feature phones still dominate the market. Apple’s products are aesthetic, elegant and user-friendly. However, nothing is flawless. iTunes is the weak point that lowers the user experience when managing videos or music on iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad or iPod. If we could use some other software as iTunes alternatives, we will really enjoy what Apple brings to us. Today, I’m going to introduce AmoyShare O2Tunes, the best iTunes alternative. It works as iPhone music transfer and iPad transfer, only in a simple way.

AmoyShare O2unes is the only iTunes replacement I keep on my computer now, because I rank it as the best alternative to iTunes as it knocks out all others who declare themselves as alternatives to iTunes. I usually suffered a headache when using the unearthly iTunes. Fortunately, with only a few clicks, O2unes will do all the tricks which you can expect from a iTunes alternative.

Enough for the words. Now please follow me step by step and let me show you why I think it is the best iTunes alternative and how easy it is to transfer videos or music between computer and iPhones, iPad or iPod.

  • Step 1: Download O2Tunes from below link and install it first. Make sure you already have iTunes installed. Because O2Tunes will read the files stored in iTunes but the whole process of iPhone music transfer is totally without iTunes.
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    Green Software with NO Plug-ins.
  • Step 2: Launch O2Tunes. It will automatically search for it and list the current tracks and media files stored in any iOS products and iTunes. You will find the detailed information of each media file including genre, artist and album in three display windows.

  • intunes alternative - o2tunes guide of step2

  • Step 3: Connect your device. If you want to back up music or video from iPhone, iPad, iPod to computer, or transfer local media to devices, it works either way by O2Tunes.

  • Step 3-1: To Local Folder of Computer
  • If you decide to backup files to computer, then click My Computer.

    intunes alternative - o2tunes guide of step3

    O2Tunes will ask you to choose the destination folder. Browse it and set up the folder you want to store them. The Customize function provides optional choices to customize your file or folder before backup.

    intunes alternative - o2tunes guide of step4

  • Step 3-2: From computer to iPhone / iPod / iPad
  • Select the Medias icon, and click Add button.

    intunes alternative - o2tunes guide of step5

    O2Tunes will ask you to choose the single music or batches of files you want to add from computer to your iPhone, iPod and iPad. Select the ones and click to start transferring.

    intunes alternative - o2tunes guide of step6

    After transferring is done, there’s a pop up window showing the final results. You can find the files you already copied to device in the below list.

    intunes alternative - o2tunes guide of step7

Now, you can manage your videos or music easily without iTunes. A lot of problems are solved by alternatives to iTunes. Just try O2unes once, and you will love this iTunes alternative.


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Green Software with NO Plug-ins.
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