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Music Tool: iPhone to iPhone Transfer

iPhone to iPhone Transfer

Summary of this article: To transfer music from your iPhone to another iPhone can be a very useful process. It allows you to copy your purchased songs to your wife's, child's or friend's iPhone so that they can listen to these songs without having to pay again. Here is the guide about how to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone.

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Have you ever wanted to transfer music from old iPhone to new iPhone? Or are you planning to share your iPhone stored songs that purchased before to your family’s or friends’? As we know, iTunes has the feature to help transfer music among idevices; but the question is, if your iTunes library was not previously synced with your iPhone, you run the risk of your iPhone music being wiped away by iTunes. Therefore a user-friendly 3rd party program is necessary.

AmoyShare O2Tunes, a recommended iTunes alternative, could help you achieve iPhone to iPhone transfer easily. We can just get started with it.

To avoid hours for the tedious and boring iTunes backup time, AmoyShare O2Tunes is a simpler solution. With O2Tunes, the process for transferring music from your iPhone to another iPhone is very simple. The ability to transfer media allows you to copy songs easily to your wife’s, child’s or friend’s iPhone so that they can listen to these songs without having to pay for them again. This process involves transferring the music from your iPhone to a computer and then from the computer to the target iPhone.

Below is the quick step-by-step guide to transfer music from an iPhone to another iPhone.

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The main features of O2Tunes.

It supports all Apple devices, iPhone, iPad and iPod, etc.

It not only manages to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone in just few clicks, but also supports syncing music from iPhone to computer or ITunes and vice versa.

Besides music, it also supports transferring other media types - playlist, video, audio, TV show, etc.

Step 1: Free download AmoyShare O2Tunes, install and launch it on your computer; and then connect one of your iPhones to computer with its USB cable.O2Tunes will automatically search for your device and list the current tracks and media files stored in it.

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Step 2: Select the single music or batches of media files you want to backup. First you should move music from iPhone to computer, just click My Computer on the pull down menu of the Export to button. O2Tunes will ask you to choose the destination folder. Browse it and set up the folder you want to store them.

iphone to iphone transfer- step 2


Step 3: After backup your iPhone to computer. You can now unplug your iPhone and connect your target iPhone. Then click Add icon to choose the songs you want to import.Now the selected songs will be transferred to another iPhone in only few seconds.

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When you get the new iPad, iPhone or iPod, and want to import all songs, movies and videos from the old one, you can hand over this to O2Tunes, a handy assistant that can easily and quickly transfer among all iOS devices. Owning to the convenience of directness and immediacy brought by O2Tunes, now you can instantly share your iPhone music with families and friends!

Any problems or questions about iPhone to iPhone Transfer, welcome to share them in the Comments Section below.

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