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Social Media Images and Covers Guide [Regular Up-to-Date]

Last updated: 2017-04-24 | Sarah Pace

Summary of this article:Are you wondering about how to expand your social media presence with creative photo and banner design that help to attract and engage readers? Here comes the answer. Taking some top social media sites - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Instagram for example, we’ve outlined standard banner sizes with creative banner design tips to optimize your social presence. Free exquisite and innovative templates are offered as well.

Have you ever been wondering why Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Instagram so popular? Which one of these top social media sites you have used? And what drive you most that you are so willing to design your own post photos, covers or banner in these social media sites? After catching sight of pictures below, you will definitely know the reason.

social media banner guide pic1

Perceive true self through YouTube banner

The answer is creativity and personality!

In this quick-scroll world of user-friendly social media, we are easier to make new friends. Especially we are more likely to make friends with those who have individual and memorable profile photo covers. As we know, most of people are visual, they will be curious about fresh and ingenious things. So creative and personalized things always get their attention, Sometimes it may be someone’s profile photo cover. Celebrities make eye-catchy and fascinated profile photo covers to attract people’s eyes. Businessman make use of profile photos to advertise for themselves. Even students can create appealing banner or photo covers.

social media banner guide pic5

social media banner guide pic6

How can we be creative and personalized enough to attract those like-minded people?

Why No One Is Liking My Photos?

Maybe you are now wondering why some people’s social media images and covers so striking that others tends to become one of his or her fans even without hesitating to click “like”. While, in contrast, you only gain a few praise (these may come from your best and old friends) but nobody else want to give a glance to what you display. You may ask “Why No One Is Liking My Photos?” Is it my published content monotonous or picture too boring? How can I be successful to attract people become my fans? Is there any comprehensive and specific guide?

To solve all your puzzles, making your artworks be memorable and eye-catchy, here I will explain to you in details from below five top social media sites.

Note: This guide is long and may take a few readings to get through. While for your better reading experience, you can and are free to read a particular section of interest or read from start to finish.

Table of Contents / Quick Nav
Part 1:
Facebook Cover Photo Guide
Part 2:
Twitter Header Guide
Part 3:
YouTube Banner Guide
1. Do’s and Don’ts for Facebook Cover Photo1. Do’s and Don’ts for Twitter Header1. Do’s and Don’ts for YouTube Channel
2. Facebook Cover Size2. Twitter Header Size2. YouTube Banner Size
3. How to Rock Your Facebook Cover Page?3. Simple Tips for Your Better Twitter Headers3. Tip - What to Put on Your YouTube Banner
Part 4:
Google Plus Cover Photo Guide
Part 5:
Instagram Photos Guide
Part 6:
Get Massive Free Templates
1. Notes for Google Plus Cover Photo1. Notes for Instagram Photos1. Choosing Your Proper Banner Maker
2. Google Plus Image Size2. Instagram Image Size2. Customize Your Own Artwork
3. Guide to The New Google Plus Profile and Cover Photo Tips3. Rock Your Instagram Cover Photo with These Tips3. Submit Email Address
4. Share and Examine

social media banner guide f

Facebook Cover Photo Guide

Nowadays, Facebook is the largest and most visited social network on the web. Not only is it a popular location for social interactions but also it is becoming a fiercely competitive marketing tool. It’s said that every day there are more than 3.2 billion items that are liked or commented about on Facebook pages and that translates into a very considerable number of visit flow.

The Facebook Cover Photo is one of the best things visitors like to pay attention to. It’s hard to miss–it’s the large, wide photo at the top of your timeline, which is a good place to set whatever tone you want to set. Below are a few important things you should bear in mind before you start to design your Facebook cover photo.

1-1 Do’s and Don’ts for Facebook Cover Photo

1-1-1 Do’s social media banner guide yes

1) Using a unique image that represents your Page is always workable for your Page's cover photo. The image can be a photo of a popular menu item, album artwork or a picture of people using your product. In your Facebook cover page, you can be creative and experiment with images to see what your audience responds to best.

2) Do right-align the objects in your cover.
Since your profile picture is on left, you want to add some balance to your Facebook cover photo design by having the focus of the image be on the right.

1-1-2 Don’ts social media banner guide no

1) The Facebook cover photo is public, which means anyone visiting your Facebook cover page will be able to see it. So your cover photos must follow the Pages Terms and can't be deceptive, misleading or infringe on anyone else's copyright. You can't encourage people to upload your cover to their personal timelines. If you get caught violating the Facebook cover page terms, Facebook could take action against your Page. Although Facebook doesn't explicitly say what will happen if you violate their Page guidelines, it's not smart to get your Facebook Page taken down over a cover photo infraction.

2) Don’t use too much text.
Your Facebook Cover image is 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall. This doesn't mean you should use as much text as you like. You need to make sure your text is organized and strategically used. Your ideas need to be simple and clear. You need to keep your users' focus on one thing at a time: don't try to promote your new product, an e-book download and a website subscription all at once.

3) Don’t display contact information arbitrarily.
Your contact information, such as your website URL, e-mail or mailing address or any information that should stay in your Page's "About" section, should not be displayed on your Facebook cover photo.
Get more help from Facebook, you can read the Facebook Full Page Guidelines first and adhere to them.

1-2 Facebook Cover Size

Facebook cover photo 851×315.
Profile photo 180×180.
Tab 111×74.
Link image 1200×627.
Shared image 1200×1200.

Important point: What are the dimensions of my Page's profile picture and cover photo?

Do right-align the objects in your cover. Since your profile picture is on left, you want to add some balance to your Facebook cover photo design by having the focus of the image be on the right.

Your Profile Picture of Facebook Cover Page: Displays at 160x160 pixels on your Page on computers, 140x140 pixels on smartphones and 50x50 pixels on most feature phones, your Facebook profile picture must be at least 180x180 pixels. It will be cropped to fit a square.

social media banner guide pic8

Your Facebook Cover Photo:

Displays at 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall on your Page on computers and 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall on smartphones, it doesn’t support to display on feature phones. And your Facebook cover photo must be at least 399 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall

See official Facebook cover guide here.

Note: The image quality may appear slightly grainy or distorted if you not use the Facebook cover size in correct and take advantage of the exact shape. The image loads fastest as a sRGB JPG file that's 851 pixels wide, 315 pixels tall and less than 100 kilobytes. For profile pictures and cover photos with your logo or text, you may get a better result by using a PNG file.

1-3 How to Rock Your Facebook Cover Page?

1-3-1 Using a Collage

You can create a collage with the help of a collage maker and upload it as a single image file.

1-3-2 Using Logos and Text Properly on a Facebook Cover Photo

When you upload images, Facebook automatically applies some pretty aggressive compression. It makes the files much smaller so that the page loads more quickly. And it can also degrade the image quality of the photo. Therefore, you should do abide all the Facebook cover photos guidelines, especially its recommended Facebook cover size.

1-3-3 Integrate the Cover Photo Design with Other Parts of Your Facebook Cover Page

If you really want to get creative with your cover photo, try integrating its design with other parts of your Facebook Page. You could make your profile picture and cover photo one big canvas, or use some design elements to draw attention to different functionalities of your Facebook Page.

1-3-4 Not to Hide Content Behind Your Profile Picture

Even though you have a full 851 pixels by 315 pixels to design a cover photo doesn't mean that you have all of that to work with. Because of the way that Profile Pictures are featured on Facebook Pages, there's a section of your cover photo that won't appear unless you click on it.

social media banner guide pic9

If you want a no-hassle way to make sure your cover photos are the right size, download our pre-sized template for Facebook cover photos here.

social media banner guide t

Twitter Header Guide

Twitter is an essential service for people, such as acquaintances, relatives, and colleagues, etc. to converse and stay associated by the exchange of rapid, regular communication. People inscribe little updates, often known as "tweets" that consist of 140 characters or less. The messages then get posted to your report or a blog sent to links and are traceable through a search on Twitter.

When log in Twitter, the first one people can see is various Twitter covers, which showcase Tweeters’ different tastes. The Twitter headers make Twitter profiles much more visually appealing, and people have been quick to declare it reminiscent of the Facebook cover photo. Below are some guidelines, which I hope can help you in Twitter.

2-1 Do’s and Don’ts

2-1-1 Do’s social media banner guide yes

Get Nicely Branded Images As Your Twitter Headers The Twitter header can not only display your personality but also is a great place for branding and promotions. If you want to focus on something important, just choose your own nicely branded image. And if necessary, you’d better change your twitter headers regularly.

Tweet with Photos
This is not essential, but proposed. People are always very visual. They respond better to tweet that have photos. Sometimes, you may need to repeat something a couple of times. The best way to keep people’s attention when doing it is by using different images in the tweets. They will give you more attention and you get to pass on the message and be more effective.

2-1-2 Don’ts social media banner guide no

1) Don’t impersonate others through the Twitter service in a manner that does or is intended to mislead, confuse, or deceive others. Don’t publish or post threats of violence against others or promote violence against others.

2) Don’t publish or post other people's private and confidential information, such as credit card numbers, street address or Social Security/National Identity numbers, without their express authorization and permission. You may not post intimate photos or videos that were taken or distributed without the subject's consent.

3) Don’t forget to show your appreciation. To show your appreciation and acknowledge your followers can be a great way to interact with all your acquaintances. Say thank you and send them tweets once in a while, which can help you show them some love and show them that you’re a family. This doesn’t mean you retweet and favorite everyone who mentions you. If you want to cultivate a close bond between you and your followers, then pick a few people to show appreciation to everyday.

4) Don’t Tweet too much. Users can be suspended if they tweet too much over an extended period of time. There's a 1,000 tweets per day limit on updates and if a user goes over they are automatically put into "Twitter jail" for several hours. The daily update limit is further broken down into smaller limits for semi-hourly intervals.Despite rumors stating otherwise, there is no way to request a higher ceiling on postings.

See the official twitter rules here.

2-2 Twitter Header Size

Twitter Header 1500×500
Profile photo 400×400

As above, the newest twitter header template is shown. The Twitter header size is recommended 1500 pixels wide by 500 pixels tall. The Profile photo size is recommended 400x400 pixels. Compared with Facebook cover, twitter cover enables you have more freedom to customize.

social media banner guide pic10

*Twitter photos can be in any of the following formats: JPG, GIF, or PNG (but it does not support animated GIFs for profile or header images.)
*The Twitter header size will be compressed to 1500 pixels by 421 pixels after uploaded.
*The Twitter header image should be 5 MB or less.

2-3 Simple Tips for Your Better Twitter Headers

2-3-1 Try to Be Creative

Select a twitter header in creative style. The header image is a horizontal bar, so any landscape-oriented photo will look better than a portrait (vertical) photo. Of course, you can customize your own profile by selecting unique profile and header images, adding a name, bio, location, website and theme color, and even by pinning a Tweet that other users will see when they visit your profile page.

2-3-2 Pay Attention to Your Bio

Your bio is more prominent than ever (it now floats front and center in the middle of your header image), so make sure you’re including all pertinent information and a link to your website. Sometimes, your new Twitter bio displays in a light-colored font, making the text difficult to read when paired with a light photo. Busy patterns will also distract from the text, so find something simple, at least on the bottom part of the image. Instead, choose a twitter header image that contrasts with the font color. A darker photo makes your bio stand out, easy to read for other users.

2-3-3 Add Proper Text to Your Twitter Header

Do you have an event, promotion or call to action that you want to promote? Then edit your twitter header with proper text. Unlike Facebook, Twitter header images don’t have a lot of restrictions about what you can include. You can use your twitter headers with some nice text as your personality or your brand banner.

social media banner guide pic11

If you want a no-hassle way to make sure your Twitter headers are the right size, download our pre-sized template for Twitter header here.

social media banner guide y

YouTube Banner Guide

Few years ago, Forbes magazine says that YouTube generates over a billion views per day. To put that in perspective, in the time it takes you to finish reading this page YouTube users will view around a quarter of a million videos. Nowadays, YouTube is developing fast, as changing demographics and evolving possibilities make it a place that is even more attractive to marketers of all kinds. Of course, teenagers and young adults are the dominant users right now. YouTube is already a place where many people in different ages can promote their own wares or skills. Among all YouTube features, banner design on YouTube can be one that people pay much attention to, for it can give you better opportunity to be seen by a greater number of people. What’s more, your business may have a better opportunity in becoming familiar with prospective customers. Therefore, before you start your YouTube banner design, there is some knowledge you should bear in mind.

3-1 Do’s and Don’ts for YouTube Channel

3-1-1 Do’s social media banner guide yes

Content: Make sure your content is fresh and regular. Have you given careful consideration to the aims and interests of your target audience? Have you effectively told a story that offers value and speaks to your viewers’ emotions?

Make it visually attractive: Thumbnails, banners, and your channel trailer all count. Your YouTube channel is a part of your online brand identity.

3-1-2 Don’ts social media banner guide no

Do not upload videos that spur people on doing something bad to hurt themselves, especially children
It's not okay to post violent or gory content that's primarily intended to be shocking, sensational, or disrespectful. If posting graphic content in a news or documentary context, please be mindful to provide enough information to help people understand what's going on in the video. Don't encourage others to commit specific acts of violence.
People will be able to see that you’ve just replicated someone else channel art, and they’ll be turned off.

Don’t copy the layout / taglines / color schemes of another YouTube banner because that’s really not cool to the other YouTuber
Try and make your channel art as original as possible and unique to you. Your channel won’t stand out in the sea of content creators with an unoriginal channel banner.

3-2 YouTube Banner Size

Various devices display, such as on desktop, mobile, and TV can show your YouTube channel art banner in different effects. There's a safe area, in which text and logos are guaranteed not to be cut off (1546 x 423 pixels centered on the image).

social media banner guide pic12

3-2-1 On a Computer

Minimum width: The minimum width for channel art is 1546 X 423 pixels.

Maximum width: Maximum width for channel art is 2560 X 423 pixels (this is the “Safe area” given that text & logos will not be cut off).

3-2-2 On Mobile Devices

No matter the Android or IOS mobile, the safe area is scaled down to the width of the mobile screen (which varies by device). And on the tablets, a slightly wider slice of the image is used. The aspect ratio is 1855 pixels by 423 pixels.

3-2-3 On TV

On a TV display, the whole image is displayed as channel art. The aspect ratio is 16:9 (i.e. 2560 x 1440 pixels).

Note:When editing your channel art, if the photo you upload is too small, YouTube will tell you the banner size must be at least 2048 pixels wide and 1152 pixels tall. But, here, after practice, we recommend you to make the YouTube banner by 2560 x 1440 pixels.

See Official YouTube banner size help here.

3-3 Tip - What to Put on Your YouTube Banner

You can put whatever you want on your channel banner, but here are a few ideas for things you might want to include.
Your channel name (This should be the focus of your banner – you want people to remember your channel name).
A channel tagline (eg. Faison, Life, Beauty – maybe try to be a bit more original).
A picture of yourself.
A picture of your work (if you’re a DIY channel – your best DIY, if you’re a beauty channel – your best looks).
A subscribe button (this won’t be linkable – but it’s a good reminder for visitors to subscribe).

social media banner guide pic13

If you want a no-hassle way to make sure your YouTube banners are the right size, download our pre-sized template for YouTube channel art banner here.

social media banner guide g

Google Plus Photo Guide

Google+, the literal meaning is Google with a plus. The "+" is the social networking, it adds to all of other Google's services, including Gmail, YouTube, and Blogger. Google+ brings popular social-media features such as comments, photo and music sharing, video chat and etc. to your social circles. In Google+, people can chat, share ideas, post photos and videos, stay in touch , share personal news and so on. Google+ is an important site for your company to be present on not just because of the social aspect, but also due to the fact that your Google+ account is also tied to the search engine itself. When someone searches your brand, Google pulls in your Google+ account information, including your profile picture and recent posts, so a proper and attractive profile photo and Google plus cover photo is of great importance. Here some attention s and tips may help you promote your Google plus photos.

4-1 Notes for Google Plus Photos

4-1-1 Choose How You Share Information on Your Google Plus Profile

You can choose what you will share on your Google+ profile using your profile settings. You can pick who can see your information, as well as what information people can see. For example, you can let everyone see the "Basic Information" section of your profile, but only let your friends circle see your contact information.
The only information you can’t hide is your name, profile photo, and cover photo. Your tagline will also be public if you add one, as well as your YouTube channel if it's linked to your account.

4-1-2 Google’s Terms of Use

Text, images, or other content posted on Google+ Pages must comply with the Google+ User Content and Conduct Policy. As with Google+ profiles, your Google+ Page is public to the world. Google+ Pages are a type of Google+ profile, and each Google+ Page created has a separate Google Account associated with it. You may select appropriate restrictions in the Google+ Pages user interface to limit interaction with your Google+ Pages by signed in Google+ users. Google reserves the right to restrict the content on your Google+ Page at its discretion. Except as otherwise required by the Google+ Pages Terms, you may not include terms, conditions or non-Google provided technical restrictions on Google+ Pages.

4-2 Google plus Image Size

4-2-1 Profile Picture – 250 x 250 (Minimum)

Google already has much information about your brand, now they want a face or logo to connect that name! If you upload your image in a square format and then it’s going to render on your page as a circle, so be careful not to choose a photo that cuts out the good stuff!

social media banner guide pic14


• Minimum 250 x 250 pixels.
• Recommend to use larger photos.
• Maximum file size 100 MB.
• JPG, GIF or PNG.

4-2-2 Cover Image – 1,080 x 608

The Google+ cover image is the biggest photo on your page, so choose your photo wisely! It’s a great opportunity for you to a product or service that your brand offers, or choose an image that reflects the beliefs of your company.


• Recommended 1,080 x 608 pixels.
• Minimum 480 x 270 pixels
• Maximum 2,120 x 1,192 pixels.

4-3 Guide To The New Google Plus Profile And Cover Photo Tips

4-3-1 Profile Photo

Your profile photo is the smaller, circular photo near the top left of your profile. Ease of recognition and familiarity always make people more comfortable. Your profile can be a photo of you or your brand logo, depending on your purpose of using Google+. If you want to change your profile photo, click the profile photo and choose or drag a new photo to upload.

4-3-2 Cover Photo

Your cover photo is the best opportunity to share even more information or personality on your page. So seize this chance and catch other’s eyes. Pay attention to the next several points:

• Keep it simple as much as possible. Do not try to add everything into the cover photo.

• Think about your profile image or logo and make sure it doesn’t conflict with the cover photo (i.e., look at patterns, colors, textures and make sure your profile image stands out and doesn’t get lost).

• Create a poll Via Web Designer Depot, this is a pretty smart—and easy—way to do a poll in Google+: Ask people to vote with a +1. You write the options in the comments, then choose "Disable comments" from the post dropdown menu so your post is solely a poll. It's a nice way to get feedback and encourage interactivity.

4-3-3 Template Download

Although the Google plus photo can re-size to fit your web browser, sometimes it’s a bit harder to create proper and satisfied Google plus pictures and covers. So you can use some online free Google plus photo templates to help you complete this task easily and quickly.

social media banner guide pic15

If you want a no-hassle way to make sure your cover photos are the right size, download the pre-sized template for Google plus Cover photos here.

social media banner guide i

Instagram Photos Guide

Instagram is one of the most popular photo-sharing social media with a user base of over 100 million people. Especially for teenagers, it’s a great place to take and share fun or creative photos. However, how can we make our instagram cover or instagram photos more attractive and eye-catching. Here I suggest that we need to note the following several points.

5-1 Notes for Instagram Photos

5-1-1 Avoid Being Deleted

Share the photo and video only which are photographed by yourself or permitted to share. As usual, you have the ownership of the content what you post on the Instagram. You’d better upload your own original content instead of uploading the content that copy or collect from the Internet, because you may have no right to share those content.

5-1-2 Instagram’s Terms of Use

The terms of use manage how you can use Instagram’s service and what rights you’re granting to Instagram when you post your photos there. You can find the latest terms of use here. The section about what rights you’re granting Instagram with respect to your photos is under the Rights heading about half-way down the page. But the terms of use may change, so it’s worth checking against the current version on Instagram’s Terms of Use page.

5-1-3 Avoid Photos Stolen

Yes. Instagram uses some fancy programming to make it more difficult for people to just save your images to their hard drive, but that’s by no means absolute security. While I’m not going to make it easy for anyone by spelling out here how to do it, it’s still very possible for anyone to download any image you share publicly on Instagram So add a watermark if you think that’s going to help. But you should know that any image on Instagram can be downloaded by anyone who can view it.

5-2 Instagram Image Size

5-2-1 Profile Picture – 110 x 110

Instagram is based on photographs, which should be an implication of how important it is to pick a nice one for your page. Instagram will automatically create a header by choosing one through some of the photos you post to the home page, so it may be best to use your profile picture to create a static image of you or your brand.

social media banner guide pic16


• 110 x 110 pixels on your home page.
• Square photo – make sure to maintain an aspect ratio of 1:1 .

5-2-1 Photo Thumbnails – 161 x 161

When someone visits your page, they’ll see all of your photos arranged in rows of thumbnails. These smaller thumbs of your photos will expand when clicked, and they include a place for people to comment. SO, special attention should be paid to the size of thumbnails when you upload instagram photos.


• 161 x 161 pixels on your home page.
• Square photo – Make sure to maintain an aspect ratio of 1:1.
Instagram displayed photo size – 640 x 640.
Uploaded photo size: 1080×1080.

Instagram is all about the photos. These pictures will be shown to all of the followers.

It allows photos of a higher resolution if they are taken from the native Instagram application. If you decide to upload a photo from any other equipment, the photograph resolution will be much lower. According to the latest news, instagram photos are now being uploaded and saved to the platform in the 1080 x 1080 size, rather than the traditional 640 x 640 size. However, pictures are still being displayed in the standard 640 pixel resolution.

5-2-1 Guidelines

• Photo display size 640 x 640 .
• Appear in feed at 510 x 510 pixels.
• Smaller featured header images appear as 204 x 204 pixels, and larger featured header images appear as 409 x 409 pixels.

5-3 Rock Your Instagram Cover Photo with These Tips

5-3-1 Show Your Face as Your Profile Photo

Only if you’re a known brand, or your business is widely recognized by your logo, you’d better use your face as your Profile Photo. People always don’t “connect” with a logo – they are more likely to connect with a face. People tend to ignore logos but are hard to ignore faces.

5-3-2 Show Personality

The first step to being likeable is to smile. Make eye contact, and show your personality in your pose! Complete your profile explaining a little about yourself.

5-3-3 Instagrids Make Your Instagram Photos Unique

Have you ever give special attention to someone’s profile on Instagram? In the upper left corner is the user’s profile picture. Posts, followers, and a personal note is next to that. And then, there is a grid with all of the user’s pictures. To create a new grid design, either take a picture or upload it from your iPhone’s camera roll. Then, choose from three, six, or nine squares. The app will break your picture up into that many segments. Each segment is the exact same size, but they will turn into a larger picture on your profile page. If you ever try it , you must find it’s really amazing and interesting.

5-3-4 Photo Tagging

Here you can learn to tag people in a picture (or collection of pictures) that you post. You can tag up to 10 people, and their names (not @username) will be displayed alongside the photo. There is also an default, anyone will be able to tag you if you have a public account; if you don’t want this condition to happen, you can change that (to “only allow people I follow to tag me in photos” or “do not allow anyone to tag me in photos”) via your Settings.

5-3-5 Updating Your Instagram Profile Photo

This can only be done from the mobile app. It just need a few taps:

• Tap your profile picture or name in the feed, or tap the profile icon, bottom right corner.
• Tap Edit Your Profile.
• Tap Edit on your photo (or the blank profile icon).
• Choose to Import from Facebook if you wish the Instagram profile photo to match – or use one of the other options.

5-3-6 Use Instagram Photo Cover Template

If you have no creative idea at that moment, but want to make your own banner or photo post special and fascinating, you might as well go and see some templates that can be used for free of charge, I have been using the template on the net, then adding your own pictures or text can also give your eye’s a surprise and bring inspiration to your spirit with different features. Nowadays, these social media have given a wider platform to the users to express everything they can in the form of pictures and quotes. Everyone uses it to exhibit their personality. Of course, you can customize them by yourself. Some free instagram cover photo templates show you for reference.

social media banner guide pic17

If you want a no-hassle way to make sure your cover photos are the right size, download the pre-sized template for Instagram cover photos here.

6 Bonus: Get Massive Free Banner Template Project

social media banner guide pic18

Get Free Template Projects


A. Choosing Your Proper Banner Maker

A banner maker tool is very necessary for you to customize the banners smoothly and easily. You can make use of countless characteristics of these banner maker tools online while preparing banners. The social media images or covers made by a user-friendly banner maker can help instantly grab the attention of the viewers. And with many features, banner maker can not only make your banner design interactive and impressive in appearance, but also add other photo effects to your banner. For creating attractive banners you can use any good banner software that is available on the web.

B. Customize Your Own Artwork

Sometimes you may have no creative idea, but still want to make your own banner or photo post look special and fascinating in social media sites. At this time, I suggest you first to go and see some banner templates that can be used for free of charge. For me, I have been using the banner template on the net, then with only the help of a simple banner maker - AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker, either for Windows or Mac, I can personalize the fonts, text, crop images and graphics as per my convenience. It’s really a user-friendly banner maker software with easy-to-manage interface, which takes me only a while before I get the hang of it. Below I will show you the wonderful picture features yielded by AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker, for example, crop, add a frame, add a mask, and insert decorative clipart, etc. You can also see what surprise and inspiration these different effects can bring to you.

1) Frame

social media banner guide pic19

2) Mask

social media banner guide pic20

3) Text and Typography

Besides the picture itself, the matching text is also very important, with good text style, size, color, effect, the photo or the banner will look special and different. You can try different effects and have a comparison, then choose one that can better match the background images of your pictures. Of course, the language of words and expressions also should be brought to the forefront, which should be consistent with your image style. Is a humorous or sarcastic style, or is easy or serious and so on. Here you can refer to the work done by AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker.

social media banner guide pic21

C. Submit Email Address

Your imagination is the only thing that can prevent you from making a creative and stylish banner. There is a wide array of options when it comes to the designs, text formats, and borders. But do not worry if you think you are not creative enough. Templates are also available so you will have less work to do and simply incorporate a dash of your own ideas to make it unique. If you are looking for some social media banner templates like that, here I can give you some free banner templates that AmoyShare made out for your reference.

social media banner guide pic22

Creative and funny, isn’t it? I believe, using some templates properly, you can also get double the result as above. To help start your own artwork quickly, we offer you free banner and cover template projects, you can easily get them by email.

Get Free Template Projects


Fill your email address to download AmoyShare pre-sized template project for free, which helps you create and optimize your social media images and covers quickly.

D. Share and Examine

Nowadays, social media have given a wider platform to the users to express everything they can in the form of pictures and quotes. Everyone uses it to exhibit their personality. Well, after you have finished designing your own artwork as above guides, it’s time for you to share in social media sites without hesitation. Here I suggest you make a test, posting both an original photo and processed one on some top social media sites. Now you can see which kind of photo will be more popular and whether you are obtaining more and more likes or fans. Good luck!

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