Summary: We all know that iTunes only allow the iPhone music transfer process to go one way - from the computer to your iPhone. If your computer music library is empty, it will sync your iPhone to the empty library, which means every song on your iPhone will be erased. Luckily, here is an easy guide helps you to figure out how to copy songs from computer to iPhone 6 quickly and vice versa.
Summary: When you want to get your songs or videos off your iPod and put them on the PC, but iTunes won't cooperate, now what are you supposed to do? Rest assured, in this article, I will provide you with the answer, so for anyone wanting to learn how to transfer songs from iPod to Computer freely then read more here.
Summary: To transfer music from your iPhone to another iPhone can be a very useful process. It allows you to copy your purchased songs to your wife's, child's or friend's iPhone so that they can listen to these songs without having to pay again. Here is the guide about how to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone.
Summary: For iPhone, we can have many facilities, such as internet browsing, chatting, making calls, sending emails and SMS, especially enjoying movies. But by use of iTunes, it is always annoying when add our downloaded videos to iPhone. Then is there a quick way for us to import videos without iTunes sync? Here tells you the answer.
Summary: Although there are lots of tools available online to transfer music among your iDevice and PC without iTunes, here select for you an amazingly quick and easy way to manage your favorite videos!
Summary: Have you ever searched for an app to transfer music from iPhone to iTunes? The key importance is that it can transfer music without losing the music ratings, play counts and your playlists. Here is the music transfer from iPhone to iTunes tutorial you will need.
Summary: Have you ever been distressed to transfer music from iPhone back to computer? Are you fed up with iTunes, which doesn't allow an option to copy music from an iPhone to a new computer? Now in this guide, we will introduce you an easy and quick way to transfer music from your iPhone back to computer without losing any existed data.
Summary: For many iOS users, sometimes may have a hate relationship with iTunes as it is a default application to transfer music to iPhone, iPod, iPad on Mac and Windows PC.So in order to get rid of complicated iTunes and avoid erasing any contents by iTunes, AmoyShare O2Tunes comes out, helping you quickly and effectively solve this problem.
Summary: Do you feel upset to update or download latest iTunes for it causes so much inconvenience? And after owning iTunes12, do you have issues with iTunes alternative detecting your iOS device? No worry, AmoyShare O2Tunes will be the best exception for you to choose!
Summary: In this article, we're going to talk about one practical iTunes alternative software, to manage iPhone, iPod, iPad music and video transfer without iTunes.
Summary: In this article, I'll teach you to use O2Tunes to backup iPhone to iTunes without launching iTunes utility. As one great media file transfer and backup software, whether music, playlist or videos, O2Tunes will handle iPhone backup on iTunes smoothly; or backing up iPhone to computer easily and fast.
Summary: In this article, I'd like to share a good guide with users who want to copy music from iPod to computer. And you will no longer need to transfer or handle iPod copy through the process of iTunes utility.
Summary: With iTunes, anytime your iPhone is connected to a compute with synchronization, it will then backup the device by default, but sometimes the backup process is too long and even preserves what you don't need. It makes us annoying and pushes us have to find a best solution to avoid this situation. This article provides you two ways for you to select about how to stop the backup manually for iPhone.
Summary: It's annoying when you can't get your digital media from one device to another. Thankfully, with O2Tunes from AmoyShare, moving music from your iPhone to your computer is a no-brainer.
Summary: When adding your entire music library from computer to iPhone, in order to make the computer on which your iTunes is paired with iPhone, iTunes will erase the iPhone data. Therefore, finding another way to smoothly add music to iPhone without iTunes and suffering no data loss is what we always seek for. AmoyShare O2Tunes, as the most favorable transfer & backup tool for all Apple devices, provides the other way for you to quickly put music from computer to iPhone and vice versa. You can just have nothing to worry about by using it!
Summary: This article is quite useful as it introduces a practical method to transfer music from iTunes to Android. Don't worry about the purchased songs, I'll teach you how to transfer iTunes music to Android or other non-apple devices.
Summary: In this article, we'll help you wipe out a headache problem- what if you lost iTunes library with all purchased songs by accident? O2Tunes is the proper software that you can rely to solve your iTunes library damaged cases.