Summary: Are you wondering about how to expand your social media presence with creative photo and banner design that help to attract and engage readers? Here comes the answer. Taking some top social media sites - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, etc. as example, we’ve outlined standard banner sizes with creative banner design tips to optimize your social presence. Free exquisite and innovative templates are offered as well.
Summary: Would you feel tired to chase down all the pixel sizes for your social media profile images? If so, read and collect this article, here tells you at great length what the sizes needed for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
Summary: Easter card is a more vivid way to express your warmth and wishes to your friends and families than any other presents. However, making Easter cards stand out from others is not that easy. Don’t worry, after reading this article, you will find that is not so difficult. Designing your own Easter greeting cards with a good card maker gives you all the freedom to choose what they will look like and what will be written in them.
Summary: There’s a huge variety of choices when it comes to DIY wedding invitations. However, to find a quick and easy card maker is not that easy. In this article, we recommend one smart tool for you.
Summary: You must have hundreds of photos from your wedding day. Why not turn your special memories into a lifelong memento? Personalize a stylish wedding photo book or wedding photo album to tell your love story in a different way.
Summary: When it comes to thoughtful gift giving for New Year, a personalized photo calendar can be a good option for you. Instead of putting photos in frames, you can turn your memorable images into a desirable calendar which you can immerse in the memories of those beautiful moments all year long!
Summary: As parents of a girl, it’s inevitable to encounter the moment that she will grow up, marry someone, and leave you one day. She is growing so fast and it sends you a whirl. Why not make a personalized birthday card on her special day to make her each growing more memorable?
Summary: Many people hold the view that making personalized birthday cards can express their feeling thoroughly. This article will teach you how to make a gorgeous personalized birthday card. In addition, we provide some interesting and moving birthday images and birthday wordings for your reference.
Summary: Create your own wedding invitation cards with a practical and easy-to-use Photo Collage Maker in AmoyShare for free. We also provide various free wedding invitation templates for you to just do some simple editings to finish your personalized wedding invitation designs.
Summary: Nowadays making an elegant wedding invitation is easier because of the booming Internet. You do not go to the shop to get custom-made wedding invitations made for you. You can stay at home and make them on your computer by using some free wedding invitation templates. This article will tell you where and how to create your own wedding invitation. Especially it includes a card maker that can help you customize elegant and heartfelt wedding invitation cards.
Summary: Wishing someone a happy birthday is a time-honored tradition, but just saying happy birthday greetings sometimes doesn't seem to be enough for most of people. If you get tired of saying the same thing time and again, put a creative spin on it. An unique happy birthday card full of love may be a good choice for you, this article will tell you how birthday card can make a different.
Summary: Don’t you want your photos to be more meaningful and fun that featured on magazine cover? You may even be considered as a celebrity by using the famous magazine cover template! What? You think that is an impossible thing? No, it’s totally achievable. How so? Well, there are no complicated Photoshop skills needed, you can actually find yourself on the magazine cover design by using AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker – the simplest magazine cover maker.
Summary: The Valentine's Day of 2016 is coming. How would you celebrate this lovely day? It is always a question for each young boy or girl. However, no matter what way to celebrate, Valentine’s Day cards are necessary to express your feelings. Here list some funny Valentine’s Day cards, you may find them interesting and start your own one with our simple card maker.
Summary: After the Christmas holidays, we are excited to welcome the coming new year. Many people choose to hold a party celebrating happy new year with their friends and family. But, what about those friends that can't come to your party. Sending new year card with your special new year wishes can be a good choice. Here just tell you how.
Summary: Are you looking for a way to plan a Halloween party? You might be wondering whether you need a theme for your Halloween party. It is not necessary for you to have one, but it can definitely make your party a little more interesting if you choose to have one. Halloween costume parties are the best types of themed celebrations to host, because they encourage guests to go into the holiday spirit with costumes, props, and more.
Summary: How many rehearsal dinner etiquettes do you know when you start to plan such one? This guide may give you a clear answer for your confusion. For instance, who to invite to rehearsal dinner? When to send rehearsal dinner invitations? When to plan your rehearsal dinner? What’s the toasts etiquette at the rehearsal dinner? Moreover, free rehearsal dinner etiquette invitation card made by AmoyShare photo collage maker may give you diverse inspiration.
Summary: Wedding is one of the most exceptional days in life. Everyone will hope each wedding event run smoothly in order. From booking venue to the dresses, to the band and the food at the reception; it all has to be just perfect. Here offers you a nice wedding checklist, letting you know what to expect and how to be prepared. Moreover, some best wedding websites based on this wedding planning guide are recommended here, you will no need to shop or search the wedding service online anymore!
Summary: Do you want to convey your happy birthday wishes in a different way? Something funny or special, the best funny birthday wishes can make any birthday girl or boy gladly laugh at themselves. Sending a funny birthday card may be a good choice to share a laugh. This article includes introduction of some themes of funny birthday cards, summary of some funny birthday wishes, especially it shares a card maker to help you customize your own funny birthday card.
Summary: A photo collage sometimes can be a good personal gift to your beloved ones. So facing with so many digital photos, to keep your memory everlasting, you must be confused. While, with a Mac computer and photo editor for mac, you can create any photo collage from your photo library. It’s really a colorful and interesting process to make collage on Mac. Here is the guide, may you enjoy!
Summary: An engagement party will be held before a wedding ceremony. Some engagement party etiquette should be observed when holding such a party. This article will tell you some proper engagement party etiquette, including engagement party timing and host, gift ideas for engagement party, engagement party invitations and etc. Especially it includes a card maker that can help you customize personalized and heartfelt engagement invitation card.
Summary: Would you like to send male greeting cards for your dad, husband or son, not that girly ones? Would you like your greeting cards design to stand out while expressing your unique style? Here you will find some practical masculine greeting card ideas with free greeting card templates. I believe after reading, you can create your own imaginative greeting cards with unique effects!
Summary: Web banner ads are becoming one of the most promotion strategies in such a booming network. This article will provide you with a relatively comprehensive guideline to make an effective and valuable web banners. Some examples for banner design inspiration, 2015 web ads banner design trend, standard banner sizes and 9 tips for you to create effective website banner. Additionally, we will offer you AmoyShare free banner maker to customize your web banner design. It also generally introduces the new trend of HTML5 web banner, and some tips to make HTML banners.
Summary: As we know, greeting cards have been a part of the tradition in many countries. When receiving the greeting card, everyone will be glad because it gives us a feeling of importance. Then how to make a greeting card? This guide will explain from the latest greeting card industry situation, with various greeting card templates offered, you can find here the best and creative way for greeting card design that suits many occasions! Making greeting cards unique will never be a task with hassle now!
Summary: Do you know this year’s hot wedding invitation card style leading by Bollywood star Shahid Kapoor? Would you like to know more complete guide about wedding invitations? Here will explain to you in details, including different wedding invitation designs, wedding invitation etiquette, wedding invitation wording and even digital invitation trend. What’s more, free wedding invitation templates of biggest stars are offered here. You’ll simplify yourself the process of selecting and sending your wedding invitations at no cost.
Summary: Although engagement parties aren't mandatory and so not all couples decide to have one, it's a great way to celebrate the good news of your upcoming nuptials. Maybe you are now searching for some engagement party ideas to host your engagement party; here just start from engagement party etiquette with free invitation cards templates.
Summary: A bridal shower can actually serve as a gift for the bride-to-be. So, as the host of the bridal shower, before the celebration begins, you’d better plan the bridal shower party with personalized and attractive invitation cards, which can surprise and give deep impression to the soon-to-be bride friends and family. Here, a helpful photo editor offers you some bridal shower invitation templates with simple guidelines to DIY your own unique Bridal Shower Cards!
Summary: Are you puzzled at how to assemble a group of your favorite photos on a wall that fits and enhances your whole home design? And are you eager to include some pictures of worldwide wonders in your photo wall design? Congratulations! Here offers an easy way to design your unique photo wall by utilizing some amazing UNESCO Sites’ pictures, I am supposed, you will be definitely glad about this!
Summary: It is the perfect way to jazz up your computer by customizing your computer desktop wallpaper, for it represents your personal feelings. Therefore, it is important to change your desktop wallpaper every once in a while to fit your own current style. Here provides you an easy way to personalize the desktop wallpaper you love. You can design free desktop wallpaper in different sizes and categories.
Summary: A restaurant menu is a huge part of the restaurant's brand identity. Customers need guidance when trying to decide what they want to order off a menu. That is why the restaurant menu design plays an important role when improving your sales. Here is a guide about making an elegant restaurant menu, free restaurant menu templates are provided here.
Summary: All of us are looking for ways to make our near ones and dear ones happy during Christmas Day. This is a time when people come together and celebrate this occasion with joy and delight. When it's about sharing our joy as well as expressing love and care to our dear ones, merry Christmas cards can help a lot. This video tutorial helps you exhibit your creativity and love to the recipient with the help of a simple card maker.
Summary: Usually, after a conference, meeting or display of your products, you are likely to meet dozens of people and leave your business card with them. So the business card design is a very important feature of the card to show who you are and what your business is all about. Here is a quick guide with different business card sizes to help you make a powerful and effective business card.
Summary: Photo collages are a great way to express the love of or remember a person, event, or even a special pet. A good photo collages incorporate the creativity, and feelings of its collage maker. Then how to utilize the built-in free collage templates in AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker to design your special one? Here are the tips on photo collage templates.
Summary: Graduation party is so special that you should make it outstanding by installing the best decorations and also inviting the people you love. One of the important things before party is to well design the invitation cards, which can attract your guest postpone all other activities in order to attend your commencement ceremony. So, how to design an effective invitation card? Just read more to find out.
Summary: People today have access to more and more photos, either in a digital or hard copy print format. Then how to do with them? To display your treasured photos fully, making a photo grid collage can be a good way. The built-in photo grid maker – Grid Collage Wizard in AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker can help you design your own picture collage in thunder speed!
Summary: We always have the need to send some photo gifts to our beloved ones, especially on some occasions that are a cause for celebration throughout the year. For example, aspects such as birthdays, Christmas, Easter, anniversaries, Mothers and Father’s day as well as Valentines Day and Weddings are all occasions where celebrations are held. Here will introduce something about personalized gifts – photo gifts.
Summary: We always hold back those precious moments in life by capturing them in reel. And photos, the images in reel are a real companion in lonely times, an emotional boost in happier times. If we frame our photos properly, we can relive every single moment of our life. Here is a photo frame guide helps you bring your picture to life with a useful photo editor.
Summary: Newsletter can be an essential feature of virtually every business or organization. It’s a challenging task to make a newsletter that people actually pay attention to. Fortunately, here offers you an easy guide to design an informative and enjoyable newsletter with various templates
Summary: Flyers are considerably vital for promotional success and profits. People today that have businesses know that certainly well. To promote their company or product, flyer design is one of the good ways, which represents a great part in the success of a business. Here are some simple guidelines when making a flyer.
Summary: Would you like to create a personalized photo invitation to attract all your guests’ attention and make your party a lasting memory? Here is a birthday invitation card guide helps you heighten the excitement of your special day! Let’s go!
Summary: You are the celebrant and the star of your birthday party only once every year. The guests that come to your birthday celebration make your birthday happier and lively as they bring gifts and presents only just for you. Here is the guide to help you design an attracting and elegant birthday invitation card.
Summary: Valentine cards sent to your beloved one should have your personal touch. It is vital for you to consider how you can achieve that; for this kind of cards you choose to give on the special day of love really matters. Here offers you some useful valentines day ideas.
Summary: LinkedIn represents an excellent opportunity for not only public brand or private profile Building. As soon as you start a LinkedIn account, you can share your brand or your profile with people all over the globe. So it’s important to have an attracting and proper Linkedin cover photo of your account, which helps to look for employers or employees easily. Here is the guide to further your Linkedin profile.
Summary: Do you want to amaze your friends and family with a warm disc video? Come here, AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker can help you by offering lots of impressive CD/DVD cover templates. You will find it easy to design you own stylish CD/DVD covers.
Summary: Grown tired of existing templates for greeting cards, calendars, and more? Or just not able to find the collage templates you want? Just try Photo Collage Maker, download free add-on template in a jiff, and get busy with fresh new materials and ideas.
Summary: A family tree card can help you to organize your family members in ascending order, starting from the oldest family member and to the youngest till date. Here a nice photo editor offers you family tree photo card templates with some guidelines to personalize your own one!
Summary: Facebook Timeline cover has been a huge hit among Facebook users for the good visual experience it offers to the profile users as well as the profile visitors. The popularity of Timeline among Facebook users has given rise to several interesting features that improve the appearance of the Timeline. In this article, we will discuss how to spice up your Facebook Timeline Cover.
Summary: Father, the one is there for all our precious moments and gives our strong support. And Father’s Day is so special that, it’s a chance for us to let him know how much we appreciate all that he's done. Looking for that perfect cool Father's Day gift? Then read more.
Summary: Father’s Day is coming. Now it's the time to start planning for your perfect Father's Day gift. It will be meaningful to say, "I love you!" by showing your dad how much you care and how truly special he is with a special "Father's Day Card” made by yourself!
Summary: It makes a lot of sense to design personalized calendars for personal use or to give out as gifts. Not only are you providing something useful that can be enjoyed for the next year, it is a great way to create a custom photo gift from the heart. Here tell you how.
Summary: Figuring out how to make a comic book is not that easy, at least for those who have little level of writing and drawing talent. Here offers you an easy way to depict your life interesting in comic book. No complicated technical skills required by using a wonderful comic creator.
Summary: Do you want to create a photo holiday greeting card that suits to your taste or preference? Here offers you the easy way to make a truly personalized holiday photo card. You can customize your own text and photos at will with a simple tool!
Summary: Baby showers are occasions that are cherished by everyone, more so by the mother. It’s a usual to send the baby shower card to guests. Here offers you a simple way to make a baby shower card personalized, color coded, and can be sent out quickly to all who those near and dear to Baby and mommy!
Summary: Children's day is celebrated on different days in different countries across the world. It is the one day where children can enjoy and celebrate the joy of childhood. When mentioning this special day, we will think of candy, prize and many other gifts. Here offers you a simple way to document your kids’ unforgettable childhood.
Summary: As you take more and more photos of your family, your friends, and the world around you, you will want to display them for all to see. But it may get a bit professional for you to make the family photo album using Photoshop. Let’s look at a simple way to create your own photo album without Photoshop.
Summary: Photo albums have come a long way since the days of cellophane and black construction paper. Today we have a better way to hold onto those precious moments in our family life. That is to create a family photo book on computer. Let’s go and get started here.
Summary: Turning what we loved about journey into a custom travel photo book is always the good way to depict our travel stories. By this way, our passion for travel doesn’t have to end when our trip does. Come and let’s get started together!
Summary: How to bring your travel story to life? Here helps to turn what you loved about your journey into a custom travel photo book. By a user-friendly tool, you can mix your favorite photos with your words, adding mementos and anecdotes, etc.
Summary: For the most calm of us, it’s always a very worrying thing when losing our favorite pet. Finding it out should be the number one priority now. Here shows you how to make a lost pet announcement quickly and effectively.
Summary: Scrapbooking child’s growth can be a loving process, for it calls your happy memory and fulfillment. Here helps you how to scrapbook your child’s growth best – AmoyShare
Summary: Easter Day has gone and along comes the Mother's Day, a special day that we can express our warm greetings to our darling mom. Here offers you a gift idea for Mother’s Day. Let’s make a unique Mother’s Day Card with short and sweet sentimental poem to convey our appreciation of all that Mother does for us!
Summary: Here is a walk through tutorial showing you step by step directions of how to make a cute photo collage using AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker. In this tutorial, you can learn lots of photo collage editing skills which will bring you much fun!
Summary: Wanna make a unique happy birthday card for your friend or your loved one? This article shows you how to make one-of-a-kind birthday greeting cards with AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker.
Summary: In this article, we'll give you the Google+ cover photo size and other basic guidelines to help you to create a Google+ cover photo with AmoyShare PCM that will wow your clients.
Summary: Would you like to design yearbook covers that are creatively stunning, and can reflect your past unforgettable years with classmates? This article shows you how to become a designer to create your own yearbook cover with a simple book cover maker.
Summary: Are you searching for April Fools related Facebook covers? Here provides you some fresh and funny Facebook cover photos for April Fool’s Day. You can download these cover photos for free.
Summary: Would you like to make appealing banner ads that attract more traffic for your web? This article directs how to create professional looking web banner ads with a popular banner maker; you can find what you want here.
Summary: This article helps you to personalize your YouTube banner with a best banner maker in smart ways. Tons of professional effects; texts, shapes, masks, etc. are waiting for you to add!
Summary: A custom and creative Twitter header is crucial to make the whole twitter profile page striking. As one fabulous and user-friendly twitter header maker, AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker could help Tweeters to perfect their twitter headers without any complicated technical skills.
Summary: Wedding wishes/congratulations/greeting cards are used to show our love and celebrate those momentous occasions to the recipient. Adding a personal touch in the card can be the difference between creating a meaningful keepsake or just another purchased one. This article teaches you how to create an innovative wedding wishes card with AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker.
Summary: Do you want to cut costs from your large wedding budget without sacrificing style? Making your own wedding invitation card with smart software is a good way to cut costs. AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker (abbreviated AmoyShare PCM) could help you to achieve that also by creating unique and elegant wedding invites easily.
Summary: What is a visiting card? What content should it be contains? How about the visiting card size? A personalized and proper-designed visiting card always can promote your image or business brand, even lead to a career success. This article helps you to well design visiting cards by AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker, a professional card layout maker.
Summary: This article aims to help those who would like to create a high quality personalized photo montage on their own. Here introduces a best and quickest way to make a photo montage desirable. By Photo Collage Maker, nothing is complicated and you would be amazed at its speedy and user-friendly feature!
Summary: These days everyone (even some pets) has a YouTube channel. Customizing the look and feel of your channel can be, to say the least, a harrowing experience. But in this article, I'll walk you through the ins-and-outs of a YouTube channel banner maker, and show you the easy way to get it done in a flash for Mac. I hope you're excited to make your channel look as cool as your content deserves. Below are some outstanding YouTube cover samples for reference.
Summary: AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker, as one interesting and easy-to-use Facebook cover maker, provides Facebook lovers with smart ways to design their own Facebook cover. You can create your amazing Facebook timeline cover by using it!
Summary: If you take a lot of photos, it's pretty likely a few of them aren't exactly how you want them. Luckily, photo editors have become very easy to use. You can instantly spruce up the color, bounce a photo into black and white or sepia, adjust the size and crop with just a few clicks. Best yet, I'll be showing you how to use a free photo editor that also allows you to display your photos in awesome collages. Don't let your photos just sit around! Boost them up and put them on display!
Summary: If you are one of those people who remain the habit of using calendars to note down daily routines, then congrats, we'll talk about to customize the unique calendar which is designed by your own ideas as well as with your own photos. This gorgeous collage creator we'rre about to introduce in this article, will be great help.
Summary: To create a photo collage would be so much fun if you enjoy the whole process of designing. One piece of professional but easy-to-use software is what you will need. And in this article, you may find one to create a collage free! Let me explain step by step regarding how to create a college without any complicated designing tools.
Summary: Wedding is your big moment. Ensure every small detail being perfect. Let's start from here- by this collage software would make yourself a modern and personalized wedding poster, including wedding invitations, save the date cards, Bachelorette Party Invites, wedding thank-you card, etc.
Summary: Bare walls are a bore. Making your own posters with your favorite photos is a piece of cake when you have the right tools. This article will explain exactly how to make your own photo collage poster!
Summary: Don't let the precious photos fall asleep in your computer disk anymore. In this article, you would find a best collage maker to finish your own DIY digital collage poster with your favorite style, color and personality.