Summary: So you’re making a DVD from your home computer. Wouldn’t it be amazing to create a custom DVD menu for the final product? With the right tools, it’s a breeze. Read this article to learn more.
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Summary: Generally, AVI tends to be larger than most video formats while it is compatible with more players and devices. Then how to convert AVI to MP4, the smaller video file? Here just introduces you a good way for this conversion.
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Summary: MKV is a large file type, able to contain video, audio, alternate audio tracks, multilingual subtitles, chapter points, and rich metadata. So sometimes we want to get this digital file off computer and free up some space by enjoying it on a DVD instead. Here is how.
Summary: If you want to take a movie off of a DVD and make it compatible for other devices (including mobile, PS3, Apple TV, and more), you will need a DVD ripper software. Here introduces a powerful third-party software that can help you with your ripping needs.
Summary: There are always some situations that you want to make a copy of your DVDs in daily life. When you have a copy, you will no need to spend your money again to buy a new one once your original get damaged. That’s why many people choose third-party software to get this job done. Here is a step-by-step guide about how.
Summary: AVI files are easy to watch on computers and don’t require a DVD. It’s no wonder that we want to convert DVD to AVI, for the AVI file types are really stable on most computers, and playable on most video player software. With the good knowledge and right tools, here walk you through how to convert your DVD to AVI easily and quickly.
Summary: Compared with WMV file, AVI has higher performance for the video will look nicer and the sound quality is better. Therefore, sometimes, we need to convert WMV to AVI. But how to quickly and easily to convert the format? Just come here, we offer you the best shortcut!
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