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Burn an MP4 to DVD on Windows

Burn an MP4 to DVD

Summary of this article: MP4 is quite popular video format. But if you want to copy it to a DVD, it doesn’t have to be difficult; this guide will show your how to burn MP4 video to DVD so that you can play it on DVD player directly.

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How many MP4s do you have on your Windows PC? At least one, I’d guess. Probably quite a few, if you enjoy downloading videos to your computer, or record videos from some digital cameras. It’s one of the most common video formats, and is a popular file type for any movie media. So what if you want to take your digital MP4 files and burn them onto a solid DVD?

If you are considering making a DVD out of your MP4 files, you’ve come to the right place to learn more. Maybe you’re making a home video for family and friends. Maybe you want to compile those stand-up comedy bits for a good buddy of yours. Maybe you just got a new entertainment system and want to enjoy some clips on the big screen. Whatever your reason, it can be easy. Third-party DVD burning applications are available online, some with excellent features. The software we'll introduce in this article is AmoyShare Total Media Solution for Windows.

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AmoyShare Total Media Solution is an all-included video software; DVD Creator is one of its solutions. It allows you to make DVDs from any video file on your computer. It supports MP4 as well as WMA, AVI, and all other popular formats. Additionally, you can make your own DVD menu, crop and resize the videos, and adjust virtually all the metadata associated with the file. Not only can you make DVDs like a pro, but it’s also wildly easy, even for the least computer-savvy.


How to Burn an MP4 to a DVD with AmoyShare Total Media Solution:

Step 1: Open AmoyShare Total Media Solution and click on “DVD Creator” at the main interface.

Burn an MP4 to a DVD – Step 1

Step 2: Browse your computer for any videos you want to add to your DVD. Maybe you just have one, maybe you have a bundle. Add as many as you’d like, and they’ll automatically be added to your list. You can move them up or down to adjust the play order.

Burn an MP4 to a DVD – Step 2

Step 3: Edit your videos at your will by the round edit icon. You can also adjust any settings you’d like, add subtitles, background music, languages, etc. Create a custom DVD menu for your DVD if desired.

Burn an MP4 to a DVD – Step 3

Step 4: Insert a blank DVD into the DVD drive of your computer. It will automatically be recognized, after selecting the save path, you will be able to click the “Convert” button to complete your burn.

Burn an MP4 to a DVD – Step 4

Step 5: Press “Start” to begin the burn process. You can watch the progress bar or visually see how far into the video the copy has progressed with the “Preview” window. In 20 minutes to 1 hour (depending on the size of the burn) your video will be complete!

Burn an MP4 to a DVD – Step 5

Step 6:: Enjoy your DVD on any DVD player!


“Easy” certainly isn’t an exaggeration only can you complete your burn in little time with little effort. But you are given professional tools that can help you achieve creative control of your final project. Enjoy freedom with your movie media with AmoyShare Total Media Solution suite!

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