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How to Convert a DVD to MP4

convert DVD to MP4

Summary of this article: DVDs are great, but sometimes nothing beats an MP4. Watch your favorite movies on your computer by converting any DVD to an MP4. It’s fast and easy, and you can learn how in this article.

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There’s no denying that DVDs are outstanding technology that are widely understood and owned by most movie lovers. But, times are changing. Nowadays it’s not uncommon for die-hard film enthusiasts to enjoy the majority of their movies on their computers via Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube, or other video streaming sites, not to mention downloaded video files. So, if you’re thinking of turning your DVDs into MP4s, you have found the right article!

It can be challenging to accomplish this task the first time you try it. Computers aren’t equipped with DVD converting software. Try Copy/Pasting a DVD onto your hard drive, and you won’t have much luck. DVDs have built-in copyright protection that makes it impossible to just copy as you would other media files. But, there are tools online that can help.

If you download a video ripping tool, turning a DVD into an MP4 can be simple. Available tools range from highly professional solutions (allowing you total control of your rip), to the one-click conversion with simple or no customization. An option that can provide pro-tools while also being easy to use is AmoyShare Total Media Solution. All you need to get started is your computer with a DVD writer, the DVD you want to rip to MP4, and the downloaded version of AmoyShare Total Media Solution. There’s no risk if you’re using it for the first time, as you can enjoy the free trial!


How to convert a DVD to an MP4:

Step 1: Open AmoyShare Total Media Solution. Click on “DVD Ripper” at the main interface.

Covert a DVD to MP4 – Step 1


Step 2: Insert your DVD. Click “Add Blue-ray/DVD” button, and on its pull-down menu, select your DVD video. Total Media Solution will automatically detect your source media files.

Covert a DVD to MP4 – Step 2


Step 3: The DVD video appears automatically now, choose the loading mode you’d like; Full, Main or Custom Mode and click OK to start.

Note: In Full Movie mode, it would load all source DVD content. In Main Movie, it would automatically load the longest chapter of DVD content, which usually is the main movie. While in Custom Mode, it allows users to select chapters for loading.

Covert a DVD to MP4 – Step 3


Step 4: In Conversion Settings, select your File Type as MP4. Of course, you can also choose the device you prefer right beside the Format menu. What’s more, on the bottom left, “Profiles” according to the output are available for you. You can search the video format for quick locating.

Covert a DVD to MP4 – Step 4


Step 5: When you think you’re ready to make that MP4, go ahead and push the big green “Convert” button. It will ask you to choose the save path, then click the bottom small “Convert” icon to begin.

Covert a DVD to MP4 – Step 5


Step 6: The progress will be displayed as below. When the rip is complete, you will be notified. You can now enjoy your MP4 from your computer!

Covert a DVD to MP4 – Step 6


All of your favorite DVDs are a few clicks from being accessible by your computer anytime. AmoyShare Total Media Solution features this and many other rip capabilities, as well as DVD copy, DVD creator, and video conversion functions. Give it a try, and enjoy total freedom over your movie watching.

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