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How to Convert Video to MP4 for iPhone?

convert video to mp4 for iPhone

Summary of this article: Would you like to convert the most commonly used AVI to MP4 for enjoying video on portable devices, for example iPhone? Using AmoyShare Total Solution, the top video format converter you will never be bothered by the process. The problem is only a piece of cake to solve here.

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We all know that not every video file can be played on these players, namely iPod, iPhone, Apple-TV, and PSP, etc. But sill one thing on common, that is, all of them supports MP4. With this MP4 video format on these devices, you are able to enjoy your favorite movies anytime anywhere you want.

The problem is, usually we are confronted with Avi video format that these devices do not support, in order to watch our favorite videos on these cute portable device, we have to, first of all, convert AVI to MP4.

Then how to convert video to MP4? To transfer the video format, we strongly recommend you AmoyShare Total Media Solution (also called Leawo Total Media Converter Ultimate). It’s an all-in-one video and DVD/Blue-ray solution tool. Inside it, video format converter is one of its various functions. By using it, you will feel pleasantly surprised and satisfied with its versatile and professional conversion feature.

To see is to believe, below is the guide.

How to Convert AVI to MP4?

Step 1 – Enter to Convert.

After downloading AmoyShare Total Media Solution, install and launch it. On the appearing menu, you will have two ways to convert your videos. Choose either the Convert section on the top next to Home section, or the quick Video Converter entrance on the main interface.

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Step2 -Add Video and Select Format.

Under “Home” section, click "Add Video" button on the left top interface to load the video source which you want to convert;

Then decide your output format: on the drop-down menu that next to the top big green Convert button, click Change icon to call out a setting panel. You can select whichever output video format respond to its device under “Device” tab (e.g. choose iPhone 6, it will then accordingly convert to Mp4 format that iPhone supports). Of course, by making use of the Profile Search bar on the left side, you could also quickly search out desired format.

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Note: If you want to further personalize your video, just click the icon under the big green Convert button to call out a new interface. Then on its left menu bar, you can use various tools to customize your movie as below (See more at Total Media Solution User Guide).

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Step 3 – Convert to MP4.

Click the big green Convert button on the right top.

Note: If you want to know the format of your source video, just as below right click your mouse on the video, click Media Info icon, then you will see its detail video information.

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Step 4 Choose Output Save Path.

After you click the big green “Convert” button, it will come out an output directory setting panel. Set an output directory in "Save to" box and then click the "Convert" button at the bottom to start converting. You can view the conversion progress from the progress bar during the converting process.

After all has done, click the big green Finish button. Now you can enjoy the video that had converted to your portable device.

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Note: If you want to convert video to MP4 on your Apple iPhone, connect your Apple iPhone to PC and sync converted video to iPhone with Apple iTunes (recommended iTunes alternative: AmoyShare O2Tunes), you can now enjoy your favorite movie/videos on your iPhone!

That's it, with the simple 4 steps by AmoyShare Total Media Solution; you will never be bothered by the process of converting AVI to MP4. Besides, now you can convert any videos to iPhone supported video formats. Enjoy watching videos with your iPhone or other favorite portable device anytime and anywhere!

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