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How to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

Summary of this article: We cannot deny that YouTube has the videos from all over the world, covering all manner of topics. But sometimes it always comes up that we want to convert these videos to another format, such as MP3 for better enjoy. Here helps you step by step with one right tool!

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YouTube features amazing videos from all over the world on all manner of topics. If you have downloaded some YouTube videos and wish to turn them into MP3 files you can listen to on the go, this article is for you!

Why would you want an MP3 of a video? Many videos have interesting audio content that can stand alone from the video itself. Particularly educational videos, comedy standup, live music recordings, etc. can be enjoyed thoroughly as a simple MP3. Additionally, MP3 files take up much less space than videos, allowing you to carry more on your phone or MP3 player, allowing for hours of rich entertainment.

So how can you make an MP3 out of a video? YouTube videos when downloaded are often MP4 or AVI format. The audio is connected directly to the video, making it impossible to simply listen to the audio or copy it onto a device. You will need the proper tools to get the task done, tools which can separate the audio and video within the file. AmoyShare Total Media Solution, the DVD and video management suite is one example of a third party software that can help you accomplish the task. Below is a simple tutorial walking you through the process.

What you will only need:

The URL or Name of your preferred YouTube Video


AmoyShare Total Media Solution (free trial or purchased one)

Download Trial
Green Software with NO Plug-ins.

How to Convert YouTube Video into MP3:

Step 1: Launch AmoyShare Total Media Solution and click on “Download” at the top or select “Downloader” among the main interface.

Step 1 - Convert YouTube videos to MP3

Step 2: Download YouTube video. Copy and paste the YouTube Video URL you prepare into the search bar (you can also input the video title in below search bar to look for the video you prefer). Just enter the arrow to go, all the related videos will be recorded in the sidebar located on the very left; they are in different sizes and formats, just select one to start downloading.

Step 2 - Convert YouTube videos to MP3

Step 3: If you have finished downloading, just right click upon the video, you will see the list of options. Now you can select “Add to Convert”, jumping to the Convert interface.

Step 3 - Convert YouTube videos to MP3

Step 4: On the interface of Convert, the software will automatically analyze the files and display their details. Click the option besides the big green “Convert” button to set your output video format.

Step 4 - Convert YouTube videos to MP3

Step 5: Click “Change” icon, an output format menu will appear automatically. Find out and select the MP3 format you’d like to convert to, or just search it quickly on the right search bar.

Step 5 - Convert YouTube videos to MP3

Step 6: Click Convert to complete your conversion. The progress will be shown with a progress bar. Any errors, should they occur, will also be displayed clearly. This process should take no more than 20 minutes. Of course, if you want, you can stop it at any time by clicking the Cancel.

Step 6 - Convert YouTube videos to MP3

Step 7: After finished, enjoy your new MP3!

Enjoy YouTube videos while keeping your eyes on the world around you with MP3s made from the comfort of your own computer. AmoyShare Total Media Solution offers solutions for all your DVD and video needs!

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