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How to Copy a DVD to Another DVD

Copy a DVD to Another DVD

Summary of this article: There are always some situations that you want to make a copy of your DVDs in daily life. When you have a copy, you will no need to spend your money again to buy a new one once your original get damaged. That’s why many people choose third-party software to get this job done. Here is a step-by-step guide about how.

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So you want to make a copy of one of your DVDs. It’s a good idea! You won’t have to worry about buying a completely new DVD at market price if your original gets damaged, broken, or lost, for starters. Also, some irreplaceable videos can be duplicated (your child’s birthday, a wedding video, any home footage) to ensure that you never risk permanent loss of those precious memories. Maybe, you want to make a gift of your home-made DVDs to friends and family—copying a DVD to another DVD is a perfect solution to make this possible, as well.

The DVD copying process generally cannot be achieved only with your computer or laptop for most DVDs are made to protect the rights of artists who create movies and TV shows. Meanwhile, the authorized DVD manufacturers discourage selling fake copies of popular DVDs, and cheating artists of their payments. It is understandable, but your situation is different. You want to have a back-up, you want to preserve memories, or you want to share those memories. You will need to download a third-party application to get the job done.

Some third-party software exists to help you make a copy of your DVD on your computer or laptop. In this article, we’ll show you how to use AmoyShare DVD Copy of Total Media Solution—a top DVD and video copying tool—to accomplish your goal of copying a DVD to another DVD.

What you will need:

A computer with a DVD writer

A blank DVD disc

AmoyShare Total Media Solution (free trial or purchased version)

How to get it done:

Step 1: Launch AmoyShare Total Media Solution. At the top, click “Copy”, or you can select the “DVD Copy” in below main interface to enter.

Step 1 - Copy a DVD to another DVD

Step 2: Insert the DVD you want to copy into your DVD drive to load the movie. Total Media Solution will automatically detect your source media files. On the pull-down menu of“Add Blue-ray/DVD”, just select your DVD source.

Step 2 - Copy a DVD to another DVD

Step 3: You will see some DVD Copy functions and features. It looks easy to use, because it is! The DVD video appears automatically now, you can choose your preferred copy method; Full, Main or Custom Mode and click OK to start.

Note: In Full Movie mode, it would copy all source DVD content. In Main Movie, it would automatically copy the longest chapter of DVD content, which usually is the main movie. While in Custom Mode, it allows users to select chapters to copy.

Step 3 - Copy a DVD to another DVD

Step 4: Click top big green “Copy” button, then it will ask you to choose the save path on computer. Just decide and begin your copy process. A progress bar will be shown; you can watch it to see how far along the process is. Usually, this process can take up to twenty minutes, also depending on the size and quality of the video. When the job is done, a “Finish” button will appear to let you know.

Step 4 - Copy a DVD to another DVD

Step 5: After the DVD copy process has finished, you can burn it now. Eject your disc and replace it with another blank one. Then select “Burn” option on the top of the interface, and click “Add Video” to load the DVD video source that you have copied on your computer. Are you using DVD 5 or DVD 9? It should say on the blank disc you have. Select the target DVD type you want.

Note: If you are using DVD 5, DVD Burn will compress the original DVD video source to make it fit. If you use DVD 9, no compression is needed.

Step 5 - Copy a DVD to another DVD

Step 6: After the source DVD video is loaded, you can click top big “Burn” button to begin the disc burn. First, it will ask you to choose the save path where you burn to, you can just select your DVD driver to save the videos .Then the burn will begin, and in 20 minutes to 1 hour, your DVD will be perfectly copied onto another DVD!

Step 6 - Copy a DVD to another DVD

Now enjoy your DVD! You can watch this new DVD on any DVD player, including stand-alone players, console video game players, computers, etc.

Below is Total Media Solution free trial download button:

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