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How to Copy a DVD to Computer

copy DVD to computer

Summary of this article: Copying a DVD to a computer can be a difficult and annoying task. If you are looking for insights, you have come to the right place! Learn some easy steps to copy your DVD to a computer quickly, simply, and effectively.

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Afraid of damaging your favorite, precious DVD? Worried you will one day lend it to a friend only to never see it return? Concerned about the natural degradation of the information on the disc? Do you love your DVD and want to make a high-quality copy? Are you ready to learn how?

There are many reasons why a movie lover would want to copy a DVD to a computer. No matter your reason, you can do it quickly and easily—provided you have the right tools.

Why is it hard to copy a DVD to your computer? DVDs usually have built-in blocks for copying in order to reduce or completely stop illegal copying of the media locked inside. Film makers and production companies are able to continue making the movies we love by selling these DVDs! But, there are some good (and legal) reasons to make a copy. If your DVD is a home made movie, or if you are making a copy solely for personal use, you’re in the clear.

So, how can you make a copy? The first step is to find the right software. In this article, I’ll take you through the steps to use AmoyShare Total Media Solution for the job. The DVD Copy in AmoyShare Total Media Solution is one of the easy-to-use tools, offers some outstanding control of the resulting content, and is remarkably fast. So let’s check out the exact steps.

You’ll need:
Your Computer, with a DVD writer
Your DVD
AmoyShare Total Media Solution

Download Trial
Green Software with NO Plug-ins.

How to copy a DVD to your computer:

Step 1: Open AmoyShare Total Media Solution. At the main interface, click “DVD Copy” to open up the Copy tools.

Copy a DVD to Computer – Step 1

Step 2: To load the movie, insert the DVD you want to copy into your computer DVD drive and click.

Copy a DVD to Computer – Step 2

Step 3: Select “Main Movie” to only copy the feature film, or if you want to include the DVD (including special features) perfectly, choose“Full Movie”; While “Custom Mode” can help you select the contents you would like to copy. And the output setting, you can select the DVD type.

Copy a DVD to Computer – Step 3

Step 4: Press “Copy” to copy your DVD. You can choose your save path and then view the copy progress from the window or watch the progress visually in the Preview Page.

Copy a DVD to Computer – Step 4

Step 5: Take a breath and give yourself a pat on the back. You have now copied your DVD to your computer!

AmoyShare Total Media Solution can help you copy, create, rip, and convert any DVDs or video files with ease. Check out more tutorials on the website for specific details on how to complete all tasks related to your video media management.

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