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A recommended DVD to AVI Converter

dvd to avi Converter

Summary of this article: AVI files are easy to watch on computers and don’t require a DVD. It’s no wonder that we want to convert DVD to AVI, for the AVI file types are really stable on most computers, and playable on most video player software. With the good knowledge and right tools, here walk you through how to convert your DVD to AVI easily and quickly.

dvd to avi Converter

If you are making the shift from DVDs to digital format video, you may be considering AVI as an option. AVI file types are stable on most computers, and playable on most video player software. In addition, their file size is generally small, which means you can keep more movies on a single hard drive! In this article, we’ll walk you through how to convert a DVD to an AVI file.

Computers and laptops don’t come with any DVD ripping software, so the first thing you will need to do is find a third-party software to help you with your task. Most DVDs are designed to prevent any copying or ripping, and the format of the DVD is not easily converted to any other file type without professional software. Luckily, today there are some third-party applications available online that can help you.

Some options are available, and they range from cheap to expensive, easy to use to complex, and secure to potentially dangerous. One affordable, easy-to-use, and safe software is AmoyShare DVD Ripper in Total Media Solution. Below, a step-by-step guide is provided to take you through the process.

What you will need:

The DVD you want to copy

A computer with a DVD driver

Step 1: Download and launch AmoyShare Total Media Solution, and enter the “Ripper” section in the main interface.

Step 1 – convert DVD to AVI

Step 2: Insert your DVD. Click “Add Blue-ray/DVD” button, and on its pull-down menu, select your DVD video. Total Media Solution will automatically detect your source media files.

Step 2 – convert DVD to AVI

Step 3: The DVD video appears automatically now, choose the loading mode you’d like; Full, Main or Custom Mode and click OK to start.

Note: In Full Movie mode, it would load all source DVD content. In Main Movie, it would automatically load the longest chapter of DVD content, which usually is the main movie. While in Custom Mode, it allows users to select chapters for loading.

Step 3 – convert DVD to AVI

Step 4: In your Conversion Settings, choose AVI as your File Type. If you are interested in changing some of the formats, you can do so by clicking “change” icon to select either format in Format menu. Of course, you can also choose the device you prefer right besides the Format menu. What’s more, on the bottom left, “Profiles” according to the output are available for you. You can search the video format for quick locating.

Step 4 – convert DVD to AVI

Step 5: Click the big green button “Convert”, select the save path you prefer. Then you can begin your conversion by clicking the bottom small “Convert” icon!

Step 5 – convert DVD to AVI

Step 6: You can watch the progress bar to see how far along the conversion is. This process can take up to twenty minutes, depending on the size and quality of the video. When the job is done, a“Finish” button will appear to let you know.

Step 6 – convert DVD to AVI

Now enjoy your AVI video! You can play this video on your computer, save it as a back up to a hard drive, and easily access it at any time.

AmoyShare offers simple and direct solutions for all your video and DVD needs, including copying, ripping, converting, and creating. Try the product today!

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