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How to Copy Protected DVDs?

copy proteted DVDs

Summary of this article: It can be very simple to copy a DVD, even if it’s protected. AmoyShare Total Media Solution features automatic protection cracking with all DVD copying, so not only is it fast and easy, but you might not even know the DVD was protected in the first place.

So you have a DVD you’d like to copy, but it’s protected. Perhaps it is a new DVD that you want to copy for the sake of having a backup in case it gets damaged. Maybe there are multiple people in your family that need a copy for their own watching in their own time. Whatever the reason, this task can (if using the wrong tools) be very challenging or impossible. Luckily, there are some options for you to accomplish this task.

Why is it difficult to copy DVDs? DVD manufacturers go through great pains to ensure DVDs are not easy to copy. This is to protect the rights of the artists who created the films on the DVDs and discourage illegal copying. However, there are legitimate reasons for wanting to make a duplicate of your own DVD for your own uses. In this case, you can use a DVD copying software to get the job done. However, many DVD copying software does not have built-in tools to crack a protection. In this case, you would need to download several pieces of software: one to crack the protection, and a different application to copy the DVD. Not so with AmoyShare Total Media Solution.

AmoyShare Total Media Solution for Windoows is a comprehensive solution for your copying needs. It not only allows you to copy any DVD easily and quickly, but it also automatically cracks the protection on the DVD. You won’t even have to worry a hair on your head about it. And “easy” is no exaggeration. Read the steps, below, to learn exactly how to copy your protected DVD.

What you’ll need:

  • A computer with a DVD writer
  • A blank DVD disc
  • AmoyShare Total Media Solution(free trial or purchased version)
  • Step 1: Download AmoyShare Total Media Solution (abbreviated to ATMS) from below link.
  • Download Trial
    Green Software with NO Plug-ins.
  • Step 2: Launch ATMS. You can see the home page as below. You will find that ATMS not just a copy tools but an all-inclusive multimedia tool box. You can enter Copy function by clicking the 3 entrances: Copy in the top menu, Blu-ray DVD Copy, DVD Copy.

  • Copy Protected DVD step1

  • Step 3: To load the movie, insert the DVD you want to copy into your computer DVD drive and click .
  • Copy Protected DVD step2

  • Step 4: Select “Full Movie” to include the DVD (including special features) perfectly, or if you want to just copy the movie itself “Main Movie” will only copy the feature film. Keep in mind if you select “Main Title,” the other features on the DVD won’t be copied to the other DVD. Or you can select "Cutom Mode" to select the contents you would like to copy. The DVD will automatically be analyzed, and the protection will be cracked, after you make this selection. The cracking and analysis will only take a few minutes. And the output setting, You can select the DVD type (DVD 5 or DVD 9, it will say on the disc itself). If you are using DVD 5, DVD Copy will compress the files from the original DVD. If you use DVD 9, no compression is needed to make it fit.
  • Copy Protected DVD step3

  • Step 5: Click Copy on the right-up, then will you can set the output formats and location. Then click copy, it will start, then just waiting, Enjoy your movie! You can watch it on any DVD player, including stand-alone players, console video game players, computers, etc. And best yet, there was no protection hassle along the way.
  • Copy Protected DVD step4

Thank you for taking a look and trying out ATMS!


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Green Software with NO Plug-ins.
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