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A Powerful DVD Ripper

powerful DVD ripper

Summary of this article: If you want to take a movie off of a DVD and make it compatible for other devices (including mobile, PS3, Apple TV, and more), you will need a DVD ripper software. Here introduces a powerful third-party software that can help you with your ripping needs.

powerful DVD ripper

In this technological age, we have many different options when it comes to enjoying our media. Our favorite movies, TV shows, or home-made memories are available not only on our TVs through DVD players, but also now can be viewed on portable mobile phones, game players like the PSP, or even on the high-powered PS3 and Apple TV. The challenge, then, is taking a DVD and making it into a digital file that’s compatible with whatever device you prefer to use.

Perhaps you have precious home videos that are not already in a digital file format on your computer. Perhaps you are getting ready for a large trip and want to make sure your favorite films are available to you on the journey. Perhaps you are simply hoping to make back-ups so you no longer need to worry about damaging or losing your favorite DVDs. Regardless of your reason, a DVD ripper is a solution that is easy-to-use and widely available.

AmoyShare Total Media Solution including DVD Ripper is the best option for users, featuring a stylish interface and easy-to-understand functions. You can make a quick simple rip of a DVD, or enjoy absolute control of your digital file rip with many professional-level settings adjustment features. With AmoyShare DVD Ripper in Total Media Solution you can:

Rip DVD to most commonly used video formats including MPEG-4, DivX, Xvid, H.264, AVI, FLV, etc.

Watch the new videos on iPod, iPhone (iPhone 6), iPad, Apple TV, PSP, NDS, PS3, and some other cell phones, PVPs and PDAs.

Convert DVDs to audio formats, including MP3, MP4, M4A, WAV, AC3 and DTS.

Sure, it’s easy to say “easy-to-use,” but just to prove it, below is a step-by-step showing you how to do a simple rip of a DVD (no bells and whistles) for a device of your choosing.

You will need:

A computer with DVD writer

Your DVD you want to rip

AmoyShare Total Media Solution (free trial or purchased version)

Step 1: Launch AmoyShare Total Media Solution and click “DVD Ripper” in the main interface. The Ripper screen will open immediately.

Step 1 – Rip DVD for other devices

Step 2: Insert the DVD you want to rip and convert for your device. Total Media Solution will automatically detect your source media files. On the pull-down menu of “Add Blue-ray/DVD”, just select your DVD source.

Step 2 – Rip DVD for other devices

Step 3: Customize your rip how you’d like with any of the available settings. You can, for example, choose Main Movie mode to only rip the main movie, namely the longest chapter of DVD content; or rip all source DVD content by selecting Full Movie mode; While in Custom Mode, you can select chapters or titles for ripping. After choosing the mode you prefer, just click “OK”.

Step 3 – Rip DVD for other devices

Step 4: Explore your Conversion Settings. A default file type will be recommended, but you can change it if you wish. Click “change” icon to select “Device”, you can find any format to any device you want to make a copy for here (iPhone, Apple TV, PSP, etc.). Besides, on the bottom left, “Profiles” according to the output are available for you. You can search and set the video format for quick locating. What’s more, you can edit your videos as desired by clicking the edit icon below big green Convert button.

Step 4 – Rip DVD for other devices

Step 5: After all has done, just click the big green “Convert” button and select the save path. Then choose the bottom small “Convert” icon to begin your ripping process.

Step 5 – Rip DVD for other devices

Step 6: Just sit back and in 20 minutes to an hour (depending on file size), your DVD will be ripped. A progress bar is displayed and errors will be fully detailed should they occur.

Step 6 – Rip DVD for other devices

When the job is done, you can now relax and enjoy your video! With this powerful tool, you can rip a DVD countless times for different devices and different settings, anytime.

There are some third-party DVD management software solutions out there, but only AmoyShare can approach any project like a pro tool with the simple functions that any person (computer-savvy or not) can master in minutes. The AmoyShare Total Media Solution suite includes DVD Ripper, DVD Creator, DVD Copy, and Video Converter, etc. for a well-rounded and full-featured DVD management tool. Try it out and bust out the popcorn!

Below is Total Media Solution free trial download button:

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